BTMR – Quick Note on 2011 Blogging

So, my co-blogger and I have been very quiet for a while. We are still alive and well, which just so happens to be hard to maintain as a critic of Kagame, just ask this guy. No, that’s not a joke, nor is it funny. It’s a display of the kind of tolerance Kagame and company have for critics and opposition candidates. BTMR has not been updated for a number of reasons but Kagame’s repression has not been one of them, thankfully.

I will be in and out periodically. For readers interested in keeping up with BTMR, I recommend you subscribe both to the posts and the comments to keep up with happenings.

I expect a lot more developments coming out of Rwanda in 2011. So this is the year to keep your eyes out for the news, and watch as Kagame slowly shrivels, combusts, and eventually destructs.

A few posts are on the way. So again, due to fact that there might not be regular updates, please subscribe so you will know when the blog has been updated.

Other than that, see you in the comments section!

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