BTMR – Quick Note on 2011 Blogging

So, my co-blogger and I have been very quiet for a while. We are still alive and well, which just so happens to be hard to maintain as a critic of Kagame, just ask this guy. No, that’s not a joke, nor is it funny. It’s a display of the kind of tolerance Kagame and company have for critics and opposition candidates. BTMR has not been updated for a number of reasons but Kagame’s repression has not been one of them, thankfully.

I will be in and out periodically. For readers interested in keeping up with BTMR, I recommend you subscribe both to the posts and the comments to keep up with happenings.

I expect a lot more developments coming out of Rwanda in 2011. So this is the year to keep your eyes out for the news, and watch as Kagame slowly shrivels, combusts, and eventually destructs.

A few posts are on the way. So again, due to fact that there might not be regular updates, please subscribe so you will know when the blog has been updated.

Other than that, see you in the comments section!

New Developments In Rwanda and Current News

Ok, I have been unable to write or post about the current unfolding events regarding Rwanda, in relation to the elections as well as to the recent major development regarding Kagame’s lawsuit. So Until I am able to post regularly and to bring you analysis of the happenings I want to encourage all readers to follow the various blogs on my blogroll including, Colored Opinions, Hungry of Truth, and CirqueMinime/Paris.

Post any interesting tidbits or relevant articles in comments section of this post. Be back to writing regularly soon.

Welcome and an announcement

gravatarBack To My Roots now has a new co-blogger, whose writing I am anxious to read on this blog. I know it will be very educational, and informative.

Hopefully now, readers will have more frequent information to read.

Looking forward to reading…

Comments Policy

So the comments policy section has been under construction for a while now. But I finally have the rules up. Here is the post within the comments policy:

I allow almost everything. As long as it’s clear, and well thought out, it’s fair game. I welcome dissenting thoughts and opinions, but no ad hominem attacks. Everything else is good to go. But with all that said,

  1. It’s my blog. I can change the rules as I see fit, and as I please, at any time.
  2. I welcome disagreements. Give a coherent thought, and we can civilly disagree.
  3. If you post an extremely stupid or ignorant comment, beware, it may be turned into a post, and you might look like an idiot.
  4. This blog is not a “let’s let Kagame and sympathizers spread their propaganda.” So don’t be surprised if your attempts and efforts to spread the Kagame propaganda are thwarted. Don’t worry, most of your comments will show up, however, some like in number 3, will be dedicated to their own posts, and decontructed, shredded to the nothingness and emptyness that they are.
  5. Enjoy yourself, share your thoughts and opinions. All are welcome. Happy blogging! )

Rusesabagina Live Broadcast at the Hague

Tomorrow Saturday April 26th, there will be a conference on Peace and Development in the Great Lakes Region of Africa at the Peace Palace in the Hague, Netherlands.

The conference will discuss sustainable solutions for lasting peace and prosperity within the region. Speakers include:

  • Mr. Paul Rusesabagina, Hotel Rwanda Rusesabagian Foundation (HRRF): Rusesabagina will discuss his vision for peace in the Great Lakes Region through a Truth and Reconciliation Commission for Rwanda
  • Senator & Ambassador Robert Krueger: Krueger, former U.S. Ambassador to Burundi, will talk about his views towards Great Lakes Region of Africa and how to achieve lasting peace based on his experiences in the region
  • Member of Dutch Parliament Kathleen Ferrier: Presentation on the contribution and effort that should be made by the Dutch government and EU in general
  • Member of Dutch Parliament Chantal Gillard: Presentation on the need of an integrated regional resolution for stability in the whole Great Lakes Region

For the live broadcast, check at 12:00PM to 5:00PM Central European Summer Time here:

For more information, check the Hotel Rwanda Rusesabagina Foundation website.

14th Anniversary of the Rwandan Genocide – Remembering and Honoring Victims

Here is a late announcement, but hopefully those who are able to can attend and support, remember and honor those who were victims of the Rwandan genocide.

On Sunday April 6th, 2008, on the 14th anniversary of the 1994 Rwandan Genocide, there will be a mass commemorating and honoring victims of the Rwandan Genocide. The mass will take place at 12:00 PM to 2:00 PM at St. Thomas Moore Church on 6105 S. Third St., in Louisville, KY, 40214.

Following from 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM there will be a lunch with Paul Rusesabagina (Hotel Rwanda). The lunch fees are $25 /person or $50/Family. The lunch location will be announced after the Mass ceremony.

It is advised that those who wish to attend RSVP by calling 502-609-0355 by March, 31 2008.

All who can, are encouraged to attend to honor victims of this tragic event.