Kagame Slated to Execute Election Charades Successfully for World Wide Audience

For anyone wondering, the online dictionary.com defines ‘charades’ by one such definition:

a blatant pretense or deception, esp. something so full of pretense as to be a travesty.

Can anyone truly argue that such an event is what is slated to take place in Rwanda on August 9th, 2010? Some are calling it an “election” while others are simply calling it a “sham” election to signify the false pretense under which this event is happening.

To be frank, there are no election happening in Rwanda. It’s a charades, where everyone will play their part, some voluntarily – dictator Kagame as the landslide winner (a resounding cheery yessss from the ghosts of millions perished by his gun and rule – note sarcasm) with unwavering support from involuntary “supportive” citizens, while the “opposition” take their place, and somberly accept their “loss.” Does one even need popcorn to enjoy this charades? Perhaps Kagame will throw in a few more assassinations and jailing of legitimate opponents to make it more interesting. Maybe he’ll up the ante and actually target a non Rwandan, non African, non Black person. But as it stands, worldwide audiences will watch him “win” and he’ll feign surprise that after all this time and his crimes, his citizens still love him. A humbling experience for a man like himself (who can claim more deaths on his hands in such a short period of time as himself?).

Like every good charades, the August 9th event is meant to entertain. But for Kagame, it’s also meant to re-establish him as the only candidate for Rwandans within the international community. The media will be there, ready to accept and to convince the world that the charades truly is reality. And many will buy into it, giving Kagame blind and loyal support, without an sense of the destruction he’ll cause on top of what he’s already done.

That citizens will be forced to leave their homes and cast ballots for their oppressor in record numbers is sadistic at best and torture at worst. But to allow them their dignity and human rights, at least by abstaining from casting votes “for” the murderer that destroyed their lives and killed their family members would be an inconvenience to the successful execution of the charades for the entertainment of the world wide audience.

Though I’m not tuning in for the charades (I already know what happens and how), I’ll be here the following day, playing my part, feigning surprise that Kagame won once again and that his citizens truly do love him (note sarcasm).

4 Responses

  1. Fortunately, many internal and foreign volunteers were there and were just in rooms where the elections were taking place and confirm that the elections were democratically conducted: from the campaigns up to end of elections. So people have to change and deny such these wrong news and statements.

  2. Rwandan people know where there are coming from and where they are going, they have their own objectives. I cannot understand how and why people can understand democracy and elections in ways that they want whereas the Rwandan people know what democracy is needed for them!

    Opposition really happens in Rwanda, there were four candidates in presidential elections! How can people say that there were no opposition and others were intimidated. Unbelievable.

  3. Way to cheer lead for kagame JMV Sikubwabo! I’m sure if there is one thing Kagame needs, aside from a conscious, it’s more cheerleaders!

    Democratic? It was a democratically executed charades that’s for sure.

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