This Blog is dedicated to under represented and under reported stories especially about Rwanda, plus other discussions and commentary about Africa and the African diaspora including but not limited to issues of race and gender in the media. However, there are no limits to what will be posted, and discussed. Whatever I feel like talking about, is what I’m going to talk about.

On Rwanda:

The story of what happened in Rwanda (you know…minority tutsis were butchered by majority hutus simply because of their tutsiness and the rpf saviors stopped the genocide ) has been distorted and the truth unbelievably covered up, that few people in the general population know what actually happened, other than what was MISreported in the NYT and similar publications/books; an unfortunate occurrence for those who care about historical accuracy, social justice, human rights, and peace and reconciliation. Basically, if you heard about it in mainstream news, then half the truth had been blurred out. Why? To find that out, you should continue to read this blog. 😉

My blog focuses and primarily reports and discusses the Rwandan side of the story not widely heard in large media outlets specifically as it relates to RPF crimes. If it seems one sided, that’s because it is. There are enough places to discuss that which you heard on CNN or BBC that excludes RPF direct involvement and this blog is not one of them. But you’re more than welcome to discuss the full story with context here and dialogue in order to attempt to set right the historical record.

Before you get your panties in a bunch (I’m talking to you men too!), here are things I believe:

  • During the genocide period, both Hutus and Tutsi were killed. An extremely large number of Tutsis were killed, but so was a very large number of Hutus.
  • Probably the most contested item on this blog, and the most well hidden reason why “all the killing” happened is the Rwandan Patriotic Front (Tutsi Rebels), and the current Rwandese government.
  • One thing that is still unclear is how to classify what happened. Was it a double genocide? Simply a politicide? Or both genocide and politicide? Because although there were civilian members committing genocide, there was also an ongoing war between the Rwandan army and the invading RPF which created another political layer to the chaos.
  • At this point, it’s been established that both Hutu civilians and members of the army and Tutsi members of the invading RPF rebel army played the attacker and victim in the matter. Which means, I don’t subscribe to the notion that if the events are classified as genocide, it’s exclusively genocide against Tutsis nor the fact that only the RPF committed massacres. Genocide against Tutsis happened, but how do we classify and incorporate in the narrative the great number of Hutu victims who were killed by the RPF? How does that change how we view and discuss what happened?
  • Reasons for why “all the killings” happened in 1994 vary widely. I also don’t subscribe to the notion that people were simply targeted exclusively because of their ethnic groups although the majority were. There were other political, and social factors that played a much bigger role, including the political power struggle, unfortunately drawn along ethnic lines and ignoring these factors does a serious injustice to the story and the historical record.
  • And while I believe all that stuff now, there’s still a lot of research to be done, and hidden corners to uncover. Simply put, my views on the matter may or may not change (just don’t think you’re changing my mind by telling me that it was just the tutsis and moderate hutus who died at the hands of extremist Hutus, and how the whole country was saved by the tutsi rebels, deliberately excluding the Tutsi rebel’s role in the killings- that view is a definite HELL NAW).

I understand if you find this information shocking even offensive. But when you finally (if you ever do) realize how the information has been distorted and misreported, you may find yourself even more appalled at how people could have let it get this far and why people were lied to, and misled, and all that good stuff.

Caveat: This is NOT a hate blog. I will not tolerate hate speech of any kind, or mostly ignorant comments. Comments are moderated. There’s just no room for ignorance or hate.

To contact the blogger, please email: backtomyrootsblog at gmail dot com. Happy blogging!

6 Responses

  1. Have a nice day !

  2. I happen upon this blog after reading about the American lawyer finally let out of jail by Rwanda’s government.

    Having accepted the west’s interpretation of what happen in 1994 as a forgone truth, I am just beginning to understand and attain the knowledge of the complexity of what happen in Rwanda in 1994; and to fully understand the historical role of colonialism in it.

    On my first visit to Africa in 2007 (Tanzania), I was informed by a university professor, for the first time, that the Hutu’s were killed in mass by the Tutsis earlier in the 1990’s (maybe 1990?). Now when I see or hear about Kagame, and read and hear about the Tutsi genocide, I see it from a different prospective. I have begun to see the dictatorial nature of the Rawandian government,and pray that one day Rwanda and all of Africa will develop to our/ its full potential.

    African people are the most divided in the world, this includes people born and raised on the continent, and those of us brought to America, and the Carribean Islands, and Brazil in chains. We all are suffering the same divide and conquer game from colonialism. I will coninue to read your blog, stay informed and help to spread the word that we in the west need to be more informed about what really happen in Rwanda in 1994, and most of all, that it began much earlier than 1994.

    Love, Peace
    African sister in the west.

    • Thank you for stopping by. Your unity message, is right on point and hope it will be understood and accepted by all Africans (home and abroad). The Rwanda issue is complicated, and made worse by special interests. I will keep talking about it until the west and everyone else recognizes how Rwandans become victims of neo-colonialism, and consequently destroyed themselves and each other. I hope all Rwandans will also take responsibility for what happened including the RPF and bury the hatchet. Please do continue to visit.

  3. Hi,

    You don’t by any chance have a copy of the speech by former US Ambassador Joyce Leader:

    ‘The Rwanda Crisis: the Genesis of a Genocide’. delivered at Penn State University, Harrisburg, on 5th April 2001

    OR a contact for Barrie Collins who quotes it in:

    20 October, 2007
    In the waiting room of the Rwandan genocide tribunal.
    0diggsdiggBarrie Collins
    Spiked Online
    26 May 2006

    I have managed to get a copy of her book, but I have been unable to locate the speech.

    Cheers for any help you can give.

    Tim Reid

  4. Google works pretty well Mr. Reid. Just put the title of the speech and the name and you should be able to get something that was republished online somewhere. It’s a very interesting speech indeed. It clearly displays how the RPF had help from the upper echelons of the international community to pull off the big lie. They didn’t do it alone.

  5. Hi, I didn’t remember this response. I never found the speech on Google. I even managed to contact Joyce Leader herself who didn’t have a copy.

    En tous cas, this message is more in response to your/George’s latest request. Happy to exchange with anyone regarding this topic.

    I don’t see an email address for you or George here, aside from this way of leaving a message. You have mine if you want to contact me further.

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