Rwandese Genocide and Missing Links

The general conviction around the world is that in 1994, the Hutu majority of Rwanda went on a calculated mission to systemically exterminate the minority Tutsi, thereby committing genocide. After which, Tutsi rebels saved the Rwandans from the murderous Hutus, and established a new, more just government. These are very well known history “facts” around the world. However, none of them could be further from the truth. Why you ask? Consider this for example:

  1. The RPF rebels were not saviors of Rwanda in 1994, but instead instigated the ethnic conflict by attacking a sovereign nation (Rwanda) from Uganda in 1990, and murdering TWO heads of state (Rwandese president, and Burundese President) in 1994, violating international laws against a sovereign nations. From 1990 the RPF killed, and attempted to exterminate Rwandese citizens in order to create a coup d’etat.
  2. Since Rwanda was under attack and its citizens being murdered like flies, the country tried to negotiate means of power sharing with the angry rebels, and cease fire agreements were created, which were violated by the RPF who continued to commit massacres against Rwandese people.
  3. Information claiming that there were weapons stored in the capital Kigali awaiting to exterminate Tutsis is false.
  4. When they attacked Rwanda in 1990 with a full blown out war, it was NOT the first time the RPF group was attacking Rwanda. In fact, after successfully creating a coup d’etat in 1994, the RPF followed Hutu and Tutsi refugees who fled the country in 1994 in attempt to exterminate them all. In 1996, the RPF once again violated international laws against a sovereign nation, and attacked Zaire (DR Cong) killing Hutu and Tutsi refugees in refugee camps including Kibeho and Kisangani.
  5. In 1994, during the genocide both the Tutsi rebels in the rpf and Hutus militias and army played the roles of attackers against both tutsi and hutu civilian victims. Because of all the layers of the conflict, including genocide, ethnic conflict between extremists in all groups, and the political unrest in Rwanda at the time, it can be argued that there was also a layer of “politicide” simultaneous with the “genocide” because of the perpetrating groups had members from both ethnic groups.. To put things into perspective, for every Tutsi that was killed, 2 Hutus were killed.
  6. Hutus did not concoct the term “inyenzi” or cockroaches, in order to oppress the Tutsis. The RPF extremists or Tutsi guerrilla rebel groups made the term to describe their ruthless murderous tactics. It was instead due to the media, that the word lost its original meanings and was later used as a pejorative.


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