BTMR and New Cyber Space Company

It’s been almost two years since Back To My Roots started. And when it did, it was the first of its kind, and so desperately needed. But since then, more and more blogs have sprung up, all committed to exposing the murderous and repressive regime represented and led by Paul Kagame. And in English. I am very sure I do not have an exhaustive list of blogs talking about Rwanda, but here is a short list. If you know any more, or come across others, post them in the comments.

Democracy Watch Rwanda

Cry For Freedom in Rwanda

The Rising Continent

The Proxy Lake

And honorable mention to Friends of Evil. A transparent PR move by the Rwandan govt to “expose” genocide deniers, or in reality, those committed to challenging, and exposing the Kagame war machine. Starting with Kagame and his army’s responsibility in war crimes, crimes against humanity, and genocide crimes, in Rwanda and Congo. Really, the blog was put up to deny the RPF’s crimes, both in Rwanda, and Congo. Ironic.

ETA: All Blogs have been added to the “Rwanda in Focus” feed on the right hand side of my blog, formerly named “Hidden Notes About Rwanda” and will also be added to blogroll. Check them out, read them, and spread them.

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