Stop Denying Genocide!

In order for criminals to be considered heroes, careful removal of certain information and sometimes outright fabrication of “facts” are key to the success of a believable story. Such is the case for the tragedies that occurred in Rwanda.

The general conviction around the world is that in 1994, OUT OF THE BLUE the Hutu majority of Rwanda went on a calculated mission to systemically exterminate the minority Tutsi, thereby committing genocide. After which, Tutsi rebels saved the Rwandans from the murderous Hutus, and established a new, more just government. These are very well known history “facts” around the world. But did you know…

  1. The RPF rebels were not saviors of Rwanda in 1994, but instead instigated the ethnic conflict by attacking a sovereign nation (Rwanda) from Uganda in 1990 backed and funded by Uganda through the United States (Bush-Clinton Administrations).
  2. They assassinated TWO heads of state (Rwandese president, and Burundese President) in 1994, violating international laws against sovereign nations and they did it with impunity.
  3. From 1990 the RPF killed, and attempted to exterminate Rwandese citizens in order to create a coup d’etat thereby providing space and opportunity for the invasion of the Congo in order to reap the riches of that land for western imperial powers. You don’t think Bush and Clinton are actually concerned about the dying African children do you? It’s all about the Benjamins… unfortuantely.
  4. Since Rwanda was under attack and its citizens being murdered like flies, the country tried to negotiate means of power sharing with the angry rebels, and cease fire agreements were created, which were violated by the RPF who continued to commit massacres against Rwandese people.
  5. Through the use of structural re-adjustment programs, the IMF and other key players disabled the Rwandese government from holding together its economy, leading to the countries internal collapse rendering it incapable of fighting off an invasion from another nation.
  6. There was actually a weapons embargo in 1994 against Rwanda, while the RPF recieved unlimited, unrestricted amounts of weapons and ammunition.
  7. Information claiming that there were weapons stored in the capital Kigali awaiting to exterminate Tutsis is absolutely and completely false. There is no evidence whatsoever.
  8. When they attacked Rwanda in 1990 with a full blown out war, it was NOT the first time the RPF group was attacking Rwanda. In fact, after successfully creating a coup d’etat in 1994, the RPF followed Hutu and Tutsi refugees who fled the country in 1994 in attempt to exterminate them all. In 1996, the RPF once again violated international laws against a sovereign nation, and attacked Zaire (DR Cong) killing Hutu and Tutsi refugees in refugee camps including Kibeho and Kisangani.
  9. In 1994, during the “genocide” both the Tutsi and Hutus played the roles of attackers and victims. In fact, what happened is more so “politicide” than “genocide” as both groups are guilty. To put things into perspective, for every Tutsi that was killed, 2 Hutus were killed.
  10. Hutus did not concoct the term “inyenzi” or cockroaches, in order to oppress the Tutsis. The RPF or Tutsi guerrilla groups made the term to describe their ruthless murderous tactics. It was instead due to the media, that the word lost its original meanings and was later used as a pejorative.
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  1. Thats was a really interesting post, i really like your block I have added it to my favourites – keep up the good work!

  2. that’s afrikakorps! those are absolutely great links and resources. the post will be updated shortly to include them. feel free to browse around the rest of the blog.

  3. i have understood a little about your psyche. You wrote how Christiane Amanpoure was so one sided in her investigation of genocide. You know, i thought that she was trying to tell why genocide continues to happen even when it could have been stopped before it reached to that point. You seem very one sided. Are you telling me that tutsies in Rwanda all of a sudden became rebels??? No minority seeks that root unless they have been forced into that corner. I don’t approve of violence but there are reasons why minorities through out the history of mankind seek violence. Though violence never solved anything. So my friend, i ask you to first ask yourself why it really happened in the first place. It is easy to point a finger at the west for everything when things don’t go our way. when you point a finger at anyone , there are four fingers pointing in your direction. Only it isn’t so obvious at first……but maybe you should also wonder about those fingers in your direction. Often times we talk about the agenda of the west, their colonial past, etc etc…but yes it is true they were unjust , self serving etc….but we let ourselves be defeated. our leaders were corrupt and greedy….or lacked any foresight……so we were overcome…….I think we too are to blame for all that has happened. Human nature is such that arrogance takes over when things are looking good, and greed and selfishness sets in and every race and community and country, like a human being wants to have the greatest wealth and success… matter what it takes or what it costs…..So maybe you should accept the truths of the past and work to let it never happen again. Stop bemoaning and complaining and grumbling about who said what and when and where. Do your part and so that the past does not spring upon us. Work for conciliation and peace….we are on this earth for a very short time. And the anger and rage you carry inside will destroy you. You will take nothing from this world. You can leave love for generations to come or hate for generations to come. But you will take nothing when you go….but your actions can destroy your children’s and their children’s future . Love creates and hate destroys. All things start from that premise…….you should think about it.

  4. R.P is it? Thanks for the psychoanalysis and advice, but no thanks.

    Your comment is filled with so much ignorance that I was just going to ignore it. But instead of ignoring it, I will give you a few things YOU should think about.

    Rather than exploring and understanding my psyche, why don’t you take the time to read and comprehend what is written? Because your comment is absolute proof that you comprehended virtually nothing from my writings.

    First, who are the “WE” you keep referring to? Please speak for yourself.

    I’m just so baffled by your ignorance that you think challenging lies to the world is equal to pointing fingers. If you want to continue to wallow in ignorance and continue to be titillated with lies, then feel free.

    Christiane Amanpour LIED to your face, and told you the RPF and Dallaire saved Rwandans from genocide when they infact enabled the horrific violence to occur.

    If you want to understand how everything happened, consider that the RPF through Uganda with backing from the USA and the UK initiated their 15 year genocidal plan that is ongoing in the Congo today. Why don’t I see you standing up for the Congolese people who continue to be annihilated at the hands of Rwandan and Ugandan troops? Where is Amanpour in that scenerio? A bit hypocritical isn’t it? Especially for someone who wants to make sure “things like this never happen again.”

    You seem not to “get” that the past the present and the future are all connected. Since you don’t understand that concept consider this, Amanpour was instrumental in covering up Kagame’s war against Rwandan people. And because of that, he continues to murder Congolese people with impunity with the Aid of Amanpour through her cover up. The genocide in the Congo could very easily be avoided if murders like Kagame, Nkunda, and Ntaganda were all arrested preventing them from inflicting violence on innocent people. Can you comprehend that point? Or are you too dense?

    Otherwise, my blog is open for discussion on real topics. Feel free to come back and learn. 😉

  5. Thank you for publishing the truth!! Finally there’s someone out there who isn’t being brainwashed by mindless idiots in the US!! THis really makes me happy to see this!! Keep up the great work with your blog!! 😀

  6. welcome mindins–and thank you for visiting and engaging in conversation on my blog. this information is highly under reported, and it needs to spread far and wide.

    please come again, and leave any relevant links you may have come across. more information welcome!

  7. Your blog makes some interesting points,however it contains lots of falsehoods. I begin to doubt your sense of reason when you make such conspiratorial statements like “RPF through Uganda with backing from the USA and the UK initiated their 15 year genocidal plan that is ongoing in the Congo today.”–That is just plain bull. You know that, and many intellectuals like you who distort historical facts know that.
    Its people like you,who masquerade hate speech into some form of intellectual discourse, that are doing an injustice to our people. The majority of Hutus in Rwanda who took part in the senseless massacres were duped by a small group of elites who cared more for their political interests.
    Indeed Hutus and Tutsi’s were killed during the period of 1990-1994. However the difference–as has been recognized by the international community of impartial intellectuals–is that Tutsi’s were targeted solely because of their ethnicity. That makes it a genocide according to article 2 of the UN convention. There was a deliberate and systematic attempt to destroy an ethnic and national group (based on how you define Tutsi’s)

    Now, when the rebel attacked Rwanda in 1990,they were attempting to return home–to a country that they had as much a right to inhibit as you did.You call them ‘angry rebels’ and deservedly so. Who wouldn’t be angry at being denied the right to their homeland.

    I can’t stop you and others of your intellectual ilk from denying the genocide,indeed,many European and American intellectuals deny that the Jewish holocaust ever occurred. People like you and Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad have a right to your opinions. However,i am afraid for the millions who fall prey to your slanted and manipulated facts.
    If your intellectual convictions do not hold you accountable,history will.

  8. Thanks for visiting Ngabo. Your comments’ ignorance elicited it’s own post as a response. Check it out, in your honor: More Missing Puzzle Pieces for Inquiring Minds or Possibly Trolls.

  9. more burundi and rwanda news

  10. Hi,

    I am a former UN human rights investigator in Rwanda and DDRRR Team Leader in MONUC. I have already published two articles on the situation in the Great Lakes and I am preparing a third.

    From what I have read so far, your site seems like a good one.

    Can you tell me who you are? I did not find that info.

    Also, if you have any more detailed information on Josesph Mutaboba, that would be very useful to me. Given his high positions in the Kagame regime, I find it difficult not to consider him a war criminal along with the rest, but I would like to know, for example, when he was Secretary General for the ministry of Internal Affairs, did he have responsibility for prisons, elections, police, etc. So far, I have only found the sketchy official bios of the UN and the RPA as well as this allegation that his wife is a bogus refugee claimant [though no indication of what follow up happened..]

    If you have any further information on Karanzi Karake, Patrick Nyamvumba and other war criminals appointed to high UN office, that would be great. I already know Nyamvumba was Ops Officer in Kisangani under Kaberebe during the first Kisangani fighting with Ugandans and that he is accused of orchestrating massacres as commander of Simba Mobile during the Genocide. One source mentions 82,000 killed by Simba Mobile but I am not sure how reliabe that is. Karake had a senior role in the second Kisangani fighting and has been indicted by the Spanish.

    Kagame is, of course, the master behind all this,but do you know of any good resume of his crimes for ease of reference?

    Finally, do you know of any others besides the above who have been given high international posts in the UN despite their involvement in RPF crimes?

    Thanks for anything you can send me.

    Best regards,


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