Moderate Hutus and Dead Hutus are the Only Good Hutus?

As ridiculous as outrageous the title of this post is, unfortunately a very large number of people around the world believe this to be true and perpetuate this absurd notion deliberately while some harbor it subconsciously. Where do you fall into?Let’s me try something real quick. What if I said:

Moderate Whites and Dead Whites are the only good Whites.

How ridiculous would this sound? After all, it’s true that a lot of people of color even some whites believe that many whites have committed a lot of atrocities and offenses against many groups around the world. So would it be fair to classify all whites in these narrow categories?

How about making it specific. Belgium is known to have really fucked (for a lack of a more encompassing word for all the tragedies and multiple genocides that were committed by them) with DRC. So is it fair to say:

Moderate Belgians and dead Belgians are the only good Belgians?

No. It’s not.

So why is it okay to classify Africans, Rwandans as such? Why do a great number of people believe this? You will never hear anything positive associated with the Hutu ethnic group, unless it’s followed by the socially appropriate “moderate” qualifier. Are Hutus really that simple minded that one can simply classify them as either “extremists” or “moderate” or are they so inherently evil aside from an exceptional few? Is any group EVER that simple? Of course not.

What does the word “moderate” mean in the context of the Rwandan genocide? I think this term became really popular when Hotel Rwanda came out, and large numbers of people became “educated” or at least aware of the Rwandan Genocide. And the term was deliberately concocted to set the framework under which discussion about Rwanda would occur.

When one refers to Rwandan Hutus as “moderate” one is in a way saying that they support and did support the Tutsi rebel groups who supposedly saved everyone, and specifically the Tutsi from genocide committed by “extreme” Hutus. And dangerously enough, this assumes that any dead Hutus could not have possibly been killed by Tutsi Rebels, but by “Hutu extremists” who were out to get the moderates due to their moderate status (or their support of the Tutsi Rebels). And even more so, that that it’s impossible to have “extremists” among the rebel group. Genius.

The Tutsi rebels are conveniently set up as as the liberators, the freedom fighters, whose bloody hands are given a “get out of jail free” card because of their nobleness and courageous fight. Perfect.

And quite easily, anyone who does not support these freedom fighters (oh the irony) becomes a killer him/herself. Or rather, a genocidaire.Below I provide questions and answers that may arise under this framework, and why when you think about it, the answers are simplistic and idiotic.

Q: But what about the Hutus that didn’t support the Rebels?

A: They’re extremists more commonly known as genocidaires. There is no other way or possibility.

Obviously this is a stupid answer and doesn’t really speak to the reality of the situation. Because they are Hutus and disagree with the terrorist war caused by the rebels, they are automatically labeled genocidaires. Whether they killed anyone or not.

Q: What about the Tutsis who didn’t support the Rebels?

A: They are also genocidaires and traitors to their ethnic groups.

In a land where sheep roam, this is perfectly acceptable. But how about we get back to the complex non monolithic humans?

Q: What about Hutus who died at the hands of the Rebels?

A: They are collateral, and very few in number.

This is very intelligent how they set this up isn’t it? Just like that, our terrorist become our heroes. And since the Dead Hutus can’t speak for themselves, if they suffered at the hands of our “heroes” we’re led to believe that they probably supported the rebels too, and the only enemies they had were others in their ethnic groups, and the rebels are really sad to see them die, but it’s for the greater good.

Obviously this doesn’t speak to the complex reality of the situation. There were bound to be a multitude of varying opinions, and most likely, a large number of people were caught in the middle of conflicts they wanted to do nothing with.

Do you think it’s possible for the world to stop pigeonholing Hutus? Unfortunately I don’t think they can. And the rebels can’t afford to, because if Hutus were “allowed” to speak out, a different story would emerge. But as long as the whole world believes them to be genocidaires, the rebels can sleep peacefully at night, mission accomplished. They have the world’s full and unapologetic support.

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  1. This is a great post- thank you for recommending your website on mine! It is so important that we view these situations not in black in white but in terms of graduations. Every genocide is multiple levels and layers!

  2. […] We Wish To Inform You That We Intend to Ruin Your Life Posted on April 15, 2008 by sunkissed The title of this thread came out of recent discussions and reflections from the newly released Keith Harmon Snow report about bogus asylum seekers and the lives they ruin. If you haven’t read it yet, you need to. It’s also a reference to the cultural pop fiction book by Philip Gourevitch where fiction is packaged as non-fiction, and sold for readers’ enjoyment or perhaps readers’ guilt. And I say “pop fiction” not to take away from the “survivors’” pain or to be insensitive, but because of the linear thinking that’s been packaged and sold to millions all over the world. You know, that extreme Hutus planned and executed a genocide against Tutsis and moderate Hutus? […]

  3. […] And also, that these people aren’t actually the exception, and no they are not “moderate” as Kagame would like us to believe. So this idea of trying to curb “genocide […]

  4. what are the parameters for measuring who extreme a Hutu is? We know it well, Tutsi are willing to accommodate Hutu on condition that they keep quiet and live in poverty. But there is also another shocking side of the story? Wasn’t Paul Rusesabagina once a Hutu moderate. Now, Kigali regime is claiming that he is an extremist and a financier of genocide. They are even accusing the former American ambassador to Burundi. I didn’t know that even whites fit the category of extremist Hutu. Why would a hutu who saved thousands of Tutsi by risking his life be branded a terrorist? Kigali is increasingly authoritarian and intolerant to pluralism. Their goal is to form a Tutsi state- or a smaller Uganda. But this will fail. Meanwhile, honest intellectuals must continue to tell the story as it is. Tell it unsparingly and unapologetically. This conspiracy will be over soon.
    What is Rose Kabuye and the top RPF officials are found guilty for terrorism, crimes against humanity and genocide? Will we have to re-write history? I hope the likes of Gerard Prunier, William Pine and other mercenary journalists will be arraigned in court. Their crime? deceiving international opinion, conspiracy and withholding information.
    Only frank, honest and fearless talks will solve the Rwandan menace. We want democracy, but not minority dictatorship. No one wants a war crime fugitive as his president. Kagame please clear your name.
    Are there moderate Tutsi, extremist tutsi too? if yes, what is Kagame and his cronies?
    Finally its time for us to work together to end impunity. I plead with all Rwandans to make sure that the remaining culprits face the law. Washington has to arrest John Gicinya who continues to mascara-de in rwandan embassy as a genocide survivor…oh he is the defense attache. He is on the worlds most wanted genocide list and he has to face justice. Lets protest against his continued living in United States, its an embarrassment. Shame of the UN for renewing Karake Karenzi’s contract. We know what he did in Kibeho. We will seek justice.
    Have you guys seen the Australian government’s website on Kibeho massacre. Soldiers are still suffering from PTSD for what they witnessed on that day. A systematic butchering of over 4,000 Hutu civilians. They counted until they got tired. Well, crimes committed against Tutsi have been fully investigated, its time for the other side. Please end impunity NOW!!!

  5. […] propagandists were not the only ones to misuse the media by dehumanizing their opponents as some Tutsi propagandists similarly dehumanized the Hutus who did not fully embrace the RPF’s ideology and were de facto labeled as “Extremist Hutus” […]

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  7. […] before 1994, and how successful propaganda was concocted in their favor from the very beginning such as the term “moderate hutu.” Of course this was ignoring that when the RPF invaded Rwanda in 1990, they were the enemies. […]

  8. AM a Ugandan hutu but i cry every time i hear perceptions about the hutu people , a loving hospitable people every body wants to equate to the devil

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