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I allow almost everything. As long as it’s clear, and well thought out, it’s fair game. I welcome dissenting thoughts and opinions, but no ad hominem attacks. Everything else is good to go. But with all that said,

  1. It’s my blog. I can change the rules as I see fit, and as I please, at any time.
  2. I welcome disagreements. Give a coherent thought, and we can civilly disagree.
  3. If you post an extremely stupid or ignorant comment, beware, it may be turned into a post, and you might look like an idiot.
  4. This blog is not a “let’s let Kagame and sympathizers spread their propaganda.” So don’t be surprised if your attempts and efforts to spread the Kagame propaganda are thwarted. Don’t worry, most of your comments will show up, however, some like in number 3, will be dedicated to their own posts, and decontructed, shredded to the nothingness and emptyness that they are.
  5. Enjoy yourself, share your thoughts and opinions. All are welcome. Happy blogging! 🙂

6 Responses

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  2. hi,
    i read with interest the letter to goucher’s president by sunkissed. this is my first viewing of this site. i am the rwanda country specialist for amnesty international, my name is ken harrow, and my email is harrow at if you find my views wrong, you can write me and challenge me.
    i don’t know who sunkissed is, what expertise this person has to lend validity to his or her views, or why an anonymous name is used for a letter that purports to give a definitive understanding of the events in rwanda. it undermines the credibility of the letter, in my view
    ken harrow

  3. Hi Ken,

    Did you wish to discuss the contents of the letter? If so, feel free to move the discussion in that topic. Most every comment is allowed through. Rarely is discussion stifled here.

  4. What a sick and twisted website this is. You Hutu’s are so hard in denial that you will not have peace and prosperity for at least the two centuries. It is pathetic and pitifull that you are unable to confront the truth: That the Hutu’s are for the biggest part responsible for the 1994 genocide. It does not help to deny it. History will not let you go. Make a close study of how the germans dealt with their guilt of the holocaust and learn, learn.

  5. keep reading jaap, and you’ll learn something!

    • It is the Hutus extremists that will have to learn something. Namely that you assured yourself of Tutsi domination for the rest of the century. Genocide sooner or later always bounces back in the face of the genocidaires. It has doen so in Germany, Serbia, South Arfrica, Cambodja, etc. Now it is Indonesia where the ghosts from the past are reviving. In your case it was sooner, your killing frenzy was stopped by Paul Kagame. If you think that the Tutsi will let go of control then you are out of your mind. So you got what you set out to fight. And you rightly deserve it. Now you can try to win some of honour back by living in humiliation for a couple of generations.

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