More People Report on Political Opposition in Rwanda

Ann Garrison at Colored Opinions wrote about it. And below is an excerpt on the aftermath of the attack:

Joseph Ntawangundi, an assistant to Rwanda’s FDU-Inkingi presidential candidate Victoire Ingabire Umuhoza, was arrested, imprisoned, and charged with the crime of genocide, on February 6th, three days after a mob in civilian clothes assaulted him, and Ingabiré, as the two of them waited for papers to register their party, and her candidacy, at a government office in Rwanda’s capital city, Kigali. Ingabiré was uninjured in the assault, but assailants stole her passport and national identification papers. She will have to replace them before she can register for Rwanda’s 2010 presidential election, though it now seems unlikely that she or any other candidate with any chance of winning RZRBADJSPCN8 will be allowed to run against the ruling Rwandan Patriotic Front Party’s President Paul Kagame.

Rwanda opposition faces intimidation-rights group by Reuters

Rights watchdog slams attacks on Rwanda opposition By AFP

Rwanda urged to cease hostilities by Afrol News

More Updates coming up.

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  1. alex engwete is also a blog to watch.

  2. […] rest is here: More People Report on Political Opposition in Rwanda « Back To My … Share and […]

  3. Go right ahead, also don’t forget to take a look over at texasinafrica’s blog some time, if you hadn’t done so yet.

  4. It is a great thing to be sunkissed and even greater if the one kissed is a rights activist! Good job you are doing here. Many thanks. Together we can make a difference and one day the sons and daughters of Rwanda shall live happily in peace. Keep posting.

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