More Missing Puzzle Pieces for Inquiring Minds or Possibly Trolls

Recently a guest left a comment that rather than respond to in the comment section, I thought the comment deserved it’s own post. I will be happy to engage you (Ngabo) in actual conversation and discussion, if that is your intent. However, I don’t tolerate trolling. So please, read first, and show your stupidity later. Your “enlightening” post unfortunately displays a very deep hollow where knowlege should be. But I’m more than happy to engage you still.

Ngabo starts off denying documented and historical facts by saying:

Your blog makes some interesting points,however it contains lots of falsehoods. I begin to doubt your sense of reason when you make such conspiratorial statements like “RPF through Uganda with backing from the USA and the UK initiated their 15 year genocidal plan that is ongoing in the Congo today.”–That is just plain bull. You know that, and many intellectuals like you who distort historical facts know that.

And while this blog is not big enough to hold all the documented evidence and information supporting my statements,   I will give you ONE such example. Roger Winter, as Executive Director of the United States Committee for Refugees and Immigrants, gave direct physical and financial support to the RPF during the war in Rwanda. However, his support began years before the 1990 invasion of Rwanda by the RPF began. Keith Snow writes on Roger Winter:

The Association of Banyarwanda in Diaspora USA, assisted by Roger Winter, organized the International Conference on the Status of Banyarwanda [Tutsi] Refugees in Washington, DC in 1988, and this is where a military solution to the Tutsi problem was chosen. The U.S. Committee for Refugees reportedly provided accommodation and transportation.

But don’t take Keith Snow’s word for it. Roger Winter in his own words as described by Eliza Griswald on a profile piece she did on him:

But it was his experience working with Tutsis displaced from Rwanda — before the genocide began — that made him move on to the conflict zones themselves. Soon he was riding on the front lines in Rwanda in 1994 with the Rwandan Patriotic Front led by Paul Kagame. During the genocide, he flew home every few weeks to brief the U.S. government on what he witnessed firsthand. President Clinton’s later statements that he had not been fully aware of what was happening caused Winter, he says, to leave the Democratic Party.

Still not convinced? Maybe this is a bit less “conspiratorial” for you:

During those years, Washington was providing small amounts of training to the Ugandan Army – and to its Tutsi offshoot. One example is widely known: Kagame’s training in 1990 at the U.S. Army Command and General Staff College at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas. That same October, Fred Rwigyema led a surprise Tutsi attack inside Rwanda, moving to within 60 miles of Kigali, the capital, where the French helped fend them off. Rwigyema died under mysterious circumstances, and Kagame rushed home to take command of Tutsi forces. Did the Americans know by then that Kagame, a senior officer in the Ugandan Army, was also a top Tutsi insurgent? If they did not, someone should be shot – and not just at the Pentagon.

Washington would have gotten some of its best information from nominally independent refugee aid groups, who had a long – and some would say distinguished – history of working closely with both the State Department and Central Intelligence Agency. For the Tutsi refugees, the most visible player in this shadowy, ill-defined world was Roger Winter, now Assistant Administrator at USAID. From the early 1980s, Winter ran the U.S. Committee on Refugees, a private Non-Governmental Organization. Washington provided some 75% of his NGO’s budget, but Winter – unlike overt government officials – was free to help the Tutsis organize a conference in Washington in August 1988. The meeting greatly increased support from exiles outside Uganda to the political wing of the Tutsi army, the Rwandan Patriotic Front.

The RPF, as it was known, played down its Tutsi roots, called itself multi-ethnic, and placed prominent Hutu dissidents in leadership posts. But Kagame and his Tutsi associates kept it – and their army – under firm control, and continued to press for a change in the Hutu government of President Juvenal Habyarimana that would permit the refugees to return to Rwanda. Washington increased its support for Musaveni’s Uganda, which permitted his military to give increasing supplies of munitions, automatic rifles, mortars, artillery, and Soviet-designed Katyusha multiple rocket systems to Kagame’s Tutsi troops. With this support, the Tutsis stepped up their incursions into Rwanda from their Ugandan bases. The escalating attacks caused nearly a million Rwandans to flee their homes, which only strengthened the Hutu hardliners in selling their final solution. The attacks also persuaded the French, who saw an American (and British) hand in the Tutsi effort, to increase their support for the Hutus. Africa was seeing a new kind of proxy war.

How is that for proof of United States support of the RPF? Roger Winter is a very well known “lobbyist” with a lot of influence in US policy in Africa. So it does not take a genius, although in your case, a moderately intelligent person, to deduce that the RPF received backing from the USA through at least, one Roger Winter.

As usual, it did not take long for Ngabo to bring up another typical talking point, which was just disapproved at the ICTR. But I guess Ngabo doesn’t read much these days, or he/she spends his/her time reasserting the same debunked myths regarding the Rwandan Genocide either because he/she doesn’t know any better, or does so purposefully, or both. He/she says:

Its people like you,who masquerade hate speech into some form of intellectual discourse, that are doing an injustice to our people. The majority of Hutus in Rwanda who took part in the senseless massacres were duped by a small group of elites who cared more for their political interests. Indeed Hutus and Tutsi’s were killed during the period of 1990-1994. However the difference–as has been recognized by the international community of impartial intellectuals–is that Tutsi’s were targeted solely because of their ethnicity. That makes it a genocide according to article 2 of the UN convention. There was a deliberate and systematic attempt to destroy an ethnic and national group (based on how you define Tutsi’s)

Ngabo, you must have missed this:

judgments in the Military-I trial completely rejected the Prosecution theory of long-term planning and conspiracy to commit genocide by members of the former Rwandan military leadership. All four defendants were found “not guilty” of all counts charging conspiracy to commit genocide, based on the Chambers ruling that their actions prior to April 6, 1994  were based on war-time conditions, not planning to kill civilians or to carry out a genocide against Tutsi Rwandans.

And this:

This raises the more profound question: if there was no conspiracy and no planning to kill ethnic civilians, can the tragedy that engulfed Rwanda properly be called “a genocide” at all? Or, was it closer to a case of civilians being caught up in war-time violence, like the Eastern Front in WWII, rather than the planned behind-the-lines killings in Nazi death camps? The ICTR judgment found the former.

The Court specifically found that the actions of Rwandan military leaders, both before any after the April 6, 1994 assassination of former Rwandan President Juvenal Habyarima, were consistent with war-time conditions and the massive chaos brought about by the four-year war of invasion from Uganda by Gen. Paul Kagame’s RPF army, which seized power in July 1994.

Although the Chamber did not specifically mention more recent events, it is worth noting that this is the same government that was named in a UN Security Council commissioned report on December 12, 2008 as having invaded the eastern Congo (with Uganda) in 1996 and again in 1998 and have occupied an area 15-times the size of Rwanda since that time. Similar UN Security Council reports in 2001, 2002 and 2003, make clear that Rwanda and Uganda’s economic rape of the eastern Congo, and the resulting 6 million-plus civilian deaths, have long been an “open secret.”

Also, what impartial “international community” is Ngabo referring to? Is it Roger Winter? A well known, self asserting RPF agent? Is it Alison DesForge? A well know RPF agent and opportunist? Who is the “international community” that is so impartial, it’s found Kagame and the RPF guilty of war crimes, and crimes against Humanity? Ngabo is possibly referring to the Spanish and French Judges, or maybe, the December 2008 United Nations Report that found Kagame and his army guilty of ongoing heinous crimes in DRC. Oh…that’s not what Ngabo was referring to, but what he/she omitted from his/her answer.

Then Ngabo continues:

Now, when the rebel attacked Rwanda in 1990,they were attempting to return home–to a country that they had as much a right to inhibit as you did.You call them ‘angry rebels’ and deservedly so. Who wouldn’t be angry at being denied the right to their homeland.

There is no argument here that the socalled rebels or Ugandan army or whatever they were at the time, could or should have returned to their homeland. However, they violated plenty of human rights laws when they disturbed peace, and invaded a sovereign nation. And later, they went on to assassinate two presidents, and still walk around today with impunity.They harbor war criminals within their ranks including such terrorists as Nkunda. It’s a pity.

However, like many before him/her, Ngabo closes off with this little gem right here:

I can’t stop you and others of your intellectual ilk from denying the genocide,indeed,many European and American intellectuals deny that the Jewish holocaust ever occurred. People like you and Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad have a right to your opinions. However,i am afraid for the millions who fall prey to your slanted and manipulated facts.
If your intellectual convictions do not hold you accountable,history will.

And I am now convinced that Ngabo is purposefully ignorant of the facts, but has the potential to learn. This would not be typical conversation with a sympathizer if one of those gag orders was not exercised, namely, comparison between illumination of facts, and socially reprehensible individuals or assertion of genocide denial. And I just have to stop and laugh, because apparantly, “kagame is a war criminal/RPF guilty of war crimes and crimes against humanity” = “genocide denial” AHAHAHAHAHAHA. Wait…wait….ahahahahahahahaha. Woo. Too funny.

Stop being such Kagame apologists people. He’s guilty. He knows it. And the whole world will soon know it too.

And agreed, history will judge.


16 Responses

  1. This Ngabo guy is definitely showing a lot of INTELLECTUAL DISHONESTY. This is typical of Kagame’s and the RPF apologists. The Rwandan Genocide was a horrible event. The Rwandan Tragedy that began in October 1990 was even worse.

    Ngabo’s INTELLECTUAL DISHONESTY is best illustrated where s/he compares the Rwandan Genocide to the Holocaust against the Jews. There is a major difference. The Jews were attacked for the simple fact that they were Jews and had not violently invaded Germany and killed hundreds of thousands in Germany prior to the Holocaust. Nor was there a million displaced people inside Germany who had lost all of their relatives to the Jews attack (Jews never attacked). That is one major difference.

    The Jews did not assassinate German’s president or commit acts of terrorism in Germany prior to the Holocaust. The Tutsis who invaded Rwanda in 1990 had blood on their hands after committing attrocities for 4 years. Unfortunately, they are still doing it in the Congo. Their government is led by a war criminal and their ranks are full of war criminals. The UN report and Human rights found this same group responsible for genocide, rape, sodomizing, torture, and looting of natural resources in the Congo.

    Next difference is there were no Jews taking part in killing other Jews. The Hutu militia that killed the Tutsis in 1994 was led by Robert Kajuga, a Tutsi. They were founded by a Tutsi named Gasana I believe. This same guy who founded Interahamwe was recently named as President Kagame’s and Rwanda’s representative to the UN. Now stop the INTELLECTUAL DISHONESTY AND TARNISHING THE JEWS NAME FOR GOD’S SAKE.

    Anyone who masquerades this much intellectual dishonesty should be ashamed of the themselves. However, I am not surprised since this is all too familiar. Kagame’s and Rwanda’s government is built on a lie that’s being debunked daily. I am sure Ngabo is loosing his/her mind because the lie is being challenged. Kagame, Kaberebe, and all of the war criminals who insult Rwandans by claiming they stopped the genocide will answer for their crimes. I am sure that reliable international community that is standing by while Kagame sets the record of the number of people killed will one day wake up and decide they have had enough. They did the same with Savimbi, Sankoh, Apartheid, and slavery. The criminals in Rwanda that include the current president Kagame will answer to their crimes. Mark my words.

  2. Wow sunkissed you are definetely amazing!! 😀 You should become a political activist and demand for a further investigation into the events that occured in 94 in Rwanda. Your article is great proof to what many have known all along but are either afraid of the tyrants ruling in Rwanda right now OR in plain denial and sympathizing with the bloodthristy ruthless terrorist because of shared ethnicity or poorly documented media coverage. Your work on this website is enough to convince me that maybe you should be doing some kind of political work at the UN or even become the next Rwandan president. Great work. 😀

    • Thank you Lolita. Working in such a convoluted and complex story I’ve learned a lot, and will continue to share what I learn. And I hope you’re also doing something to contribute to this cause, whether you are Rwandan or not. Because this is a human rights issue, and a global issue and it concerns everyone.

      But real change in Africa will only happen once people stop glorifying war criminals and praising them as though they are heroes.

      Thank you for visiting my blog, feel free to come back, pass the word, make a contribution (in the form of intellectual discussion).

      • As a matter of fact I am Rwandan and I was looking for some truthful websites to tell me the unbiased version of the so-called “genocide”. I plan to doing some humanitarian work later on and possibly political activism. Your website carefully details the info that I have known thanks to my parents but have had no way to back it up during class discussions. Now I have a legitimate website as proof that my version is in fact truthful. It especialy saddens me how the world pays little attention to the undercover massacres happening in Rwanda and Congo on pretenses of “eliminating terrorist groups”, however both you and I know that is a blatant lie. I do not know whether you are familiar with the FDLR, but in any case I put their website since they often have press releases and suchforth which keep me up to date on teh situation in Rwanda and Congo. I do hope one day that the REAL negationists will be properly assessed and the UN will give a proper apology and whatever compensation needed for all the innocent people being killed at the hands of merciless, ruthless, arrogant, bloodthirsty terrorists on false pretenses or simply based on them being different ethnicity than the one in power. What really angers me is this whole “Never Again” principle being repeated over and over again each year as if there are actually no genocides occuring to this day. However I am convinced that I will live to see the day that Kagame is sentenced to life in prison OR capital punishment for all the heinous war crimes comitted by him and his minions.

  3. […] sunkissed created an interesting post today on More Missing Puzzle Pieces for Inquiring Minds or Possibly Trolls …Here’s a short outline… Uganda with backing from the USA and the UK initiated their 15 year genocidal plan that is ongoing in the Congo today.”–That is just plain bull. You know that, and many intellectuals like you who distort historical facts know that. … […]

  4. Sunkissed,

    You continue to engage in intellectual dishonesty.You cherry pick written articles to back your hypothesis. I will not respond to each of them,but lets start with the court ruling you point to above. If your readers read the entire report, they will realize that below the very quote you cherry picked,the report continues :

    ” The three other defendants were convicted of responsibility for particular acts that the Chambers found were committed by members of the Rwandan military. Col. Theoneste Bagsosora and Col. Anatole Nsengiumva were found guilty of war crimes, acts of genocide and crimes against humanity committed by Rwandan troops under their command. Major Aloys Ntabakuze, whose command was limited to the Para-Commando Battalion was held responsible for three incidents out of more than 40 that the Chamber found were not proved. Many of the crimes of which all three were convicted do not appear in the indictments under which they were prosecuted. All three were sentenced to life in prison and have announced plans to appeal.”

    Looks to me that you left out quite a bit of information there!

    Also enough with the semantics and vitriol,if your blog is going to be more than a platform for hate mongering and selected ‘truths’, you will have to make better arguments and stop pushing conspiracy theories that are regurgitated by people like keith snow. I would think that you are smarter than that. Often times you make better sense than him. Making him a constant point of reference to justify your point of view discredits even the little sense you make. After reading his ‘big expose’ i could not help but be reminded of the conservative gadfly Jerome R. Corsi author of the anti-Obama book . Even though everyone knew that he was peddling in lies,it did not stop the book from becoming a NY Times bestseller.

  5. Ngabo – are you purposefully trying to look hypocritical or what? Because I want to believe that you are less dense than this.

    1. You accuse me of cherry picking articles, and then not only do you cherry pick what aspect of my response to you to respond to, but you completely ignore the fact that one of the articles quoted regarding Roger Winter was a profile piece of him and his Sudan escapades (extremely similar to the events that took place in Rwanda by the way, almost identical, it’s chilling) printed in THE NEW YORK TIMES…rpf propaganda galore. In the NEW YORK TIMES, in which the paper unequivocally prints and reprints RPF propaganda, Roger Winter admits to being an RPF agent, talking to the Clinton Administration about it, and leaving the Democratic Party because they “betrayed” him by feigning ignorance of his direct involvement within the RPF. Yet some how you chose to ignore that, and instead chose to criticize Keith Snow. Which leads me to my next point.

    2. In your attempt to silence and discredit Keith Snow by calling him a conspiracy theorist, you make yourself look real hypocritical by ignoring the fact that he wrote the same exact information printed in the NEW YORK TIMES article and you know, NYT is not conspiratorial so…. Hmm what a pickle! Is he or isn’t he a conspiracy theorist? Is the NYT or isn’t the NYT a conspiracy theorist? Even if I were to concede that he “pushes” conspiracy theories, which I’m not, he would still be correct on this piece of information and many others. lol. nice try though 😦

    3. YOU come on to MY blog and tell ME that there was a PLANNED GENOCIDE, and I show you findings that prove that there was no planned genocide, and somehow you conclude that I’m saying that those convicted three were innocent of complicity in committing genocide crimes and war crimes? Or that I purposefully left out their conviction as some means of misleading people? What? Am I missing something?

    YOU made the statement that there was a PLANNED GENOCIDE, and I disproved your claim with a court ruling that determined that there was no such thing. Who is cherry picking here? And exercising their INTELLECTUAL Debt? Stop trying to confuse people!!!

    And by the way, any search of those names in any search engine, in almost any news paper around the globe, will pull up the same information that you just reprinted. It’s not some sort of secret. But what IS left out, is exactly what I quoted and emphasized. Because you know, that little inconvenient piece of information might push people to start questioning the legitimacy on which the whole RPF story line and justification for their crimes rests.

    4. Lastly, I do not need an intellectually hypocritical, and dishonest person AND Kagame apologist to boot (!) telling me how I should run my blog. In the words of one famous Sarah Palin, thanks, but no thanks for that advice to nowhere (asking me, nay, TELLING me I should quote articles that disapprove my hypothesis? hahahaha). Because whether you realize it or not, coming over here, and using every trick in the book to silence people, shifting focus, and creating confusion, making excuses for Kagame and the RPF war crimes and crimes against humanity in order to continue to allow Kagame and the RPF to walk around with impunity, is doing exactly what you’re accusing me of doing. But in my case, I’m not making excuses for any war criminals or terrorists. 🙂

    Give it up. They are criminals, terrorists, murderers, and they don’t need people justifying their crimes at the expense of millions of lost lives. Enough is enough.

  6. I am always amazed at how RPF and Kagame apologist find ways of evading the discussion at hand. Great job at evasion Ngabo. Call names, don’t discuss, keep dancing around the subject without addressing it and downright avoid addressing the Genocide Kagame is carrying out in the Congo. They downright manipulate the Rwandan Genocide to justify attrocities, killings, sodomy, rape, and stealing that are worse than Hitler’s. The irony in it, they come back and compare themselved to the Jews when they are really supporting a modern day Hitler. Ngabo, You are very well trained for a Kagame/RPF apologist and a negationist of killings of millions of people.

  7. ok i dont really understand this english very well, it is too difficult for me, but i would like to ask, sunkissed, who exactly are you blaming the genocide on? also, are you interested in seeing the further development of rwanda as a union or are you picking a side? or are you just looking for truth and answers? i am just asking.
    also, this might sound ignorant maybe since am not well informed with a lot of things, but i have always wondered what interest the us and france etc. had for our small country? is there a hidden agenda or is it that they just enjoyed seeing us suffer so much for no reason whatsoever, but that would just be incomprehensibly cruel…

  8. Hi Zainab –

    Thank you for your comment on my blog. If you look around, you will see that I am interested in providing supplemental information regarding the Rwandan Tragedy, which helps readers, and anyone else interested gain a more holistic picture of what happened. My interest is not to take sides, but to familiarize people with events that have happened that they don’t know about.

    I am also not interested so much in the blame game as I am in examining everything, to find better solutions than hopefully prevent future genocides. As of now, only one side has been prosecuted for their involvement in the genocide, while the other side with an equal hand in what happened remains with impunity. That’s unacceptable for people like myself who strive for justice.

    As for US and UK interests, they are merely interested in maintaining their living standards at the expense of whoever. It’s unfortunate, but if you are interested in learning more, pay a visit to the Friends of the Congo.

  9. I have just discovered your blog! CONGRATULATIONS, thanks for talking about such an important issue, every one that knows the truth needs to come out if not truth and justice will never come out.

  10. One does not need to read a lot of your vitriol to realize that your diatribes against Kagame and RPF are probably based ethnicity. It is a fact that Kagame has brought more stability and development to Rwanda than any other goverment before him. Rwanda is at the moment on the fastest growing nations in Africa

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