2008 Year in Review and BTMR Quick Reference

gravatarA very late 2008 year in review, but still worth mentioning.

There were a lot of developments that occurred in regards to the Rwandan situation/conflict which has now spilled over into a bloody endless war in the Congo, and still the world does not “Scream Bloody Murder” at the genocide being committed by Rwanda against the Congolese. Where is Christiane Amanpour?

2008 was a very good year for progress but not without it’s major setbacks. It is no wonder that Kagame became desperate and is trying by any means necessary to take his new found fame as a genocidaire in the larger and international outcry off of himself as you will note in the follow up blog post.

So what happened in 2008?

Starting in February, Colonel Luc Marchal, who commanded the UN forces in Kigali sector, told the UN courts that a letter by “Jean Pierre” claiming there was a Machiavelli Plan by the then Rwandan President Habyarimana to carry out a planned genocide, was a forgery. And this of course is after Counsel Chris Black at the ICTR has throughoughly dispelled that myth in his excellent article.

And then Spanish Judge Fernando Andreu indicted 40 of Kagame’s top former and current military officers for war crimes and crimes against humanity. The surprising story highlights from the CNN article were as following:

  • A Spanish judge has indicted 40 current or former Rwandan military officers
  • Men were indicted for several counts of genocide and human rights abuses
  • More than 4 million Rwandans died or disappeared during the 1990s
  • The majority of the victims were Hutu Rwandan refugees or Congolese civilians

Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney celebrated the indictment of these war criminals and this major step towards carrying out justice.

Amidst all this, various writers came out with articles that attempted to elucidate the convoluted and deliberately misleading propaganda. Andrew G. Marshal wrote a piece titled Western Involvement in the Rwandan Genocide, which is self explanatory. He pointed out major players in the conflict in the Clinton Administration, and how they aided the RPF in successfully taking over power in Rwanda.

And Keith Harmon Snow exposed a network of Rwandan intelligence and other officers whose sole purpose abroad is to destroy Rwandan communities by targeting dissenters of the Rwandan government with various acts of public humiliation, detention, and getting them fired from jobs and other horrondous mistreatments. Snow followed the story of one Bajinya whose life was ruined by the Rwandan intelligence purporting to be refugees in some cases, and embassy workers in others who framed and “exposed” an innocent man of having committed “genocide crimes” in 1994. A chilling report that would leave anyone outraged at the unfortunate miscarriage of justice. Who is publicly humiliating Kagame the initiator of all crimes that have span from the 1990 invasion of Rwanda to today’s millions of deaths in the Congo?

Some heated debates ensued as more people learned about the RPF’s crimes against Rwanda before 1994, and how successful propaganda was concocted in their favor from the very beginning such as the term “moderate hutu.” Of course this was ignoring that when the RPF invaded Rwanda in 1990, they were the enemies. Therefore a “moderate” hutu would not have existed then, nor does one exist today. But such deliberately incorrect information must remain intact if the RPF must remain in power. Kagame’s cheerleaders also came out to oppose my piece warning Rwandans in exiles to beware, as there are many who will attempt to do to them what was done to Bajinya and others. Apparently these cheerleaders do not want anyone being warned of the danger in which Kagame plans to put them in.

A petition was created pleading with then President Elect Obama to intervene in the culture of impunity that exists in regards to the Great Lakes region, and the perpetual miscarriages of justice.

As the western attempted to paint a rose colored Rwandan Democracy, many knowledgeable people spoke up and exposed the fallacies in a democratic and economically upward Rwanda. In a curious move, one of Kagame’s top Aids was arrested and a few people celebrated a short lived victory.

We saw more attempts at dispelling the propaganda myths that are so widespread, as Back To My Root’s new writer extensively wrote on the “Inyenzi” or “cockroach” phenomenon that’s been used to silence RPF critics and put into a very compelling historical context. Khante also brought us news of Rwandan youth who are fleeing to join the FDLR because they are fed up with the lack of democracy in Rwanda. I took on CNN’s documentary, “Scream Bloody Murder” and tried to put back all the facts that Christianne Amanpour deliberately left out in order to maintain the current story line.

And now it’s 2009, and things have never looked more bleak especially for the DRC. Don’t get me wrong, all is not lost.  One of the greatest victories of 2008 was the election of Barack Obama. While he is no savior nor any less imperialistic than his predecessors, at least he does believe and will try to enforce “tough diplomacy.” He has no interest in bloodshed, and he seems to believe in the power of negotiations.

This does not mean that Rwanda and DRC will be released from the yoke of Kagame and other imperialists, but that at least, we can hope, the bloodshed will cease, and lives will be spared. We must remember that Hillary Clinton is in charge of American foreign policy. We should also remember that it was during the Clinton era that every corner of the African Continent found itself in wars and bloodshed. Our consolation is that she is working for Obama and not the other way around.

More and more people are becoming educated about the events in Eastern Congo. It won’t be long before they connect the dots, and see the real culprits aside from the mainstream media’s constant attempts to blame everything on the FDLR while other rebel groups, and specifically Kagame and his army continue their 1990’s planned genocide into the Congo with the aid of western imperialists.

It’s only a matter of time Kagame. Enjoy your impunity while you still can.

2 Responses

  1. It’s only a matter of time before Kagame and his cronies are put in jail for life!!!!! I hope I’ll live to see that day when America, Canada, and the UK find themselves guilty of aiding the RPF and covering up the “genocide”. I hope people like Romoe Dallaire are brought down for their status of glory and also convicted. I also hope one day all the innocent Hutu men who were convicted of being “genocidaires” are liberated and all Hutu refugees will be able to return safely to their country and live in peace and harmony with everyone in their country. No more living in fear and terror and being falsely accused of nonsense issues. Let’s all come together to convict the MOST HIDEOUS HORRENDOUS WAR CRIMINAL OF ALL MANKIND WHO IS POSSIBLY IF NOT WORSE THAN HITLER, KAGAME!!!! 😡

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