Major Rwandan Genocide Criminal Arrested. Kagame Gets an Early X-mas Gift!

The news has been circulating around that recently, a former top aid to Rwandan President Kagame and top RPF official Rose Kabuye was arrested in Germany per the arrest warrants issued by French  Judge Jean-Louis Bruguière for the assassination of Juvenal Habyarimana, former Rwandan President, and Cypriene Ntaryamira, former Burundian President in 1994.


These arrest warrants are no joke people. I know Kagame et al are very comfortable and they think that just because they have the US’s backing that no one will challenge them. And anyone who does risks being labeled a genocidaire sympathizer. But that’s just empty propaganda meant to silence. Looks like Germany is not falling for that one.

This arrest signifies a stride towards carrying out justice no matter how politically incorrect it may seem to the rest of the world. Some of the greatest achievements in history have been reached by overcoming violent opposition from the status quo. If you are a Christian, think about JESUS!

The culprits who assassinated two African Presidents in a power hungry move that led to and contributed to the massive killings in Rwanda should all be rounded up and prosecuted. That includes the current Rwandan President Paul Kagame. Hopefully if the fullest extent of justice is carried through, perhaps the complicit, enabling parties, and partners in crime like Ugandan President Museveni, as well as former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, and Bill Clinton and Albright will all be brought to Justice as well. However it is a long road, and it is uncertain how and what the arrest of Rose Kabuye means in the context of justice for the Rwandan genocide globally.

Germany played its role and arrested Rose Kabuye. It has not been a full week since Kabuye was arrested in Germany. However, as of today, a facebook group in her honor titled, “Support Rose Kabuye” has managed to attract over 800+ supporters for this criminal. That is 800+ people joining this group in support of a criminal who in large part is responsible for the mass murders during the Rwandan genocide. Yet many people are unabashedly standing up for her, and providing her with public support.

I am embarrassed to say that when I checked the number of signatures on the recent petition to President Elect Obama, asking again from the USA what Germany has done, there were hardly 300 signatures. I know that the official genocide story is pervasive, but I have a difficult time believing that less than three hundred people believe that the contents of that petitions are important enough to support, even with fear of prosecution. How is it, that a public facebook group, where people are shown with their pictures next to their names can have more public support than a hidden and protected list of people?

Look, I’ve been involved in this story for a while now, and have done a lot of research to know that anyone who criticizes the Rwandan government puts themselves at risk for who knows what. But that should not stop anyone from challenging, holding accountable, and doing what is right. Because having been involved in this story for a while now, I also know that by doing nothing, people are surely putting themselves at risk for who knows what as well.

The truth must and will come out. However, fierce support is needed from the community of people who are aware, and who are engaged. Everyone should be doing outreach, educating, and making sure to question discrepencies, lies and frabrications to this story. What Germany did was arrest one person. This means little to people who are unaware of what went on, and what still goes on in Rwanda. It is also hardly challenging the main story line that is perpetuated. What it does instead is put Germany at odds with Rwanda just like France. They get viewed as genocidaire sympathizers, and considering Germany’s past with genocide, this is not a good look.

One woman arrested? While we should celebrate, we should also keep in mind that there is a much bigger goal to reach, a much more difficult goal to attain than simply removing a few individuals off the street and incarcerating them. The story line must be changed and the record must be set straight. We do nothing by removing individuals, who will inevitably be replaced by other individuals, who in turn will perpetuate the same story line.

We challenge future President Obama not to follow in the footsteps of Bill and Hillary Clinton as well as Albright. And hearing how it is rumored that Hillary may become his Secretary of State, we must act swifly and aggressively to hold him accountable. There is a serious danger of reverting back to the Clinton policies of the 1990s. Even if Barack Obama has immediate African blood, he is American first, and will support American foreign policy. Therefore, we must challenge him. Let him know we will not stand for it. We should let him know that even if the Clintons are working for him, they should not have major influences on his foreign policies, which in the African context means, countless deaths and spilled African blood. We must have visibility and a presence in our communities not just when Germany arrests one of Kagame’s lackeys.


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  1. Hey sunkissed, dont be disappointed we are with you. The petition needs to be promoted and we are doing all we can. If we had the ability to go to Rwanda, it would be easy to raise millions of signatures. But be encouraged. I am personally very proud of you. We have to work together regardless of the unfair criticism that we face. And, there is also the Spanish indictment. we should also make another petition.
    Hutu people need to warn the world to stop blaming us for the errors of Kagame. We need to tell people that we are proud of our tribe and that we are not killers. Clearly, only a few people are. The rest are good folks. But the problems facing the Hutu community can only be solved by the Hutu community. Much as I believe the French guys, I think people who speak english are more dedicated to cause around the world and passionate. That is why the few Huhtu who speak English must tell the world. We will face fierce criticism, but as you said, even Jesus had to endure that. Be encouraged kandi Imana ikomeze ikurinde

  2. The arrest of Rose Kabuye shows that the now German government is not different from the NAZI government of Adolph Hitler..Germany, a country that should be more sympathetic to victims of the Genocide given its own tragic history, has shown where its sympathies lie by arresting Kabuye and in the same week releasing FDLR (who commited 1994 genocide of Tutsi)leaders.

  3. It just so happens that Rose Kabuye is one of the criminals who took part in the genocide period in Rwanda. This is a step in the right direction, and shows that Germany is willing to stand up to bullies, and criminals regardless of how unpopular it may be. It also shows how much empathy they (must) have developed towards all victims. They get a lot of props for doing this.

  4. Jessica is a little bit ignorant of historical facts. Where does Adolph hitler fit in the Rwandan context? Hutu who committed genocide have been thrown into jails and sentenced to prison terms. Arresting Kabuye is not support for FDLR, I don’t see how on earth you relate the two. Its about justice for the french crew members who perished in president Habyarimana’s plane, its about hundreds of thousands of Hutu civilians who have been killed by the Tutsi regime, its about 5,000,000 congolese who have been exterminated by militias supported by Rwanda. While there is no problem with FDLR being investigated and arrested, I find you argument very wanting. What is wrong with a suspect being arraigned in court? why do people fear justice? Will Germany obstruct justice from taking its course, I doubt.
    If Tutsi leaders committed genocide and terrorism in their quest for power, let them carry their own cross. The mater is as simple as that. otherwise, Tutsi organized demonstrations in Europe, Washington D.C and other areas, shows how intolerant the regime is to pluralism and justice.

  5. Dear Jessica,
    Let me refresh your memory about the circumstances that led to the birth of the FDLR:
    From 1996 to 1997, the RPF envaded the DRC and continued to track the ex-Rwandan Army Forces (FAR) inside the DRC in order to exterminate them and install its allies in Kinshasa.
    To achieve this goal, the RPF massacred at least 200,000 Rwandan refugees inside the DRC. It even tried to conceal evidence for these mass killings by burning victim corpses and scattering the ashes away in the forest and/ or in the river.
    Such a sinister plan was thwarted when a revolutionary Congolese, the late Laurent-Desire Kabila, took power in the DRC and decided to restore the sovereignty of the land.
    In August 1998, the RPF launched in DRC a war aiming at not only completing the installation of its allies in Kinshasa, but also to prevent any international criminal justice inquiry into its role in the DRC, given the extent of war crimes and crimes against humanity committed by its army. Some of these crimes had already been documented by an investigation team established by the UN Secretary-General.
    This new proxy war in the DRC made it possible for many survivors of the Rwandan refugee massacres of 1996 and 1997 to stand up and defend themselves against this strenuous enemy.
    The birth of the FDLR is a direct consequence of the RPF sinister plan in the DRC.
    That is the origin of the current proxy war in the province of North Kivu. Tenacious memories still rime in so many Rwandans who survived the RPF atrocities both in Rwanda and in the DRC. This is why the current DRC crisis cannot be solved without taking into account its root causes that are in Kigali not in Goma or Kinshasa.

  6. Where is Jessica? Please explain to me how arresting one of the Neo Nazis (Rose Kabuye) makes the German government a supporter of the Nazis. Aren’t you tired of the blood that has been shed in the Great lakes region of Africa much of it the the RPF (the neo Nazi) that Rosa Kabuye belongs to? If you are not tire of the RPF’s criminal activities, you should be very ashamed of yourself.

  7. haha…continue screaming in the wilderness. it wont work. come back home and affect change

  8. sunny, are you lost?

  9. What is wrong with som of you people? Why don’t you like Justice? What is wrong about knowing the truth about what happen in our country? After all if Rose Kabuye and others on the list of J.L B are innocent all they have to do is walk to court and explain how innocent they. Is that hard for you understand Sunny?
    It might take time but no matter will happen justice will win! I pray good to protect and leave longer to see Paul Kagame and his team facing justice!!!

  10. [moderator comment: this comment was translated into English. The original french version is below the English. – sunkissed]

    Mr the President,
    It is widespread that Mr Kouchner, your Foreign Affairs Minister, would like to obstruct the French justice process with regard to the recent arrest of Rose Kabuye on criminal charges.

    This lady in military uniform did not only kill the French people. She is among the RPF officials who knowingly triggered the Rwandan genocide in 1994. She strongly supports the rebel Laurent Nkunda whose proxy war is currently ravaging the eastern DRC. Rose Kabuye also bears responsibilities in many killings of civilians that took place in Rwanda when she was Mayor of Kigali City.

    It may be urgent to reestablish diplomatic relationships with Kagame’s criminal regime. However, it is crucial to preserve French values and human rights principles reflected in the separation of the three branches of Power. In my opinion, Mr Kouchner is using his power to tarnish France’s reputation worldwide. It would be wise to remind him to keep his hands off Rwanda.

    There are strong reasons on why the Netherlands has recently suspended financial aid to the criminal regime in Kigali, a regime that dares to denigrate Western Powers in general, and to despise the French people in particular.

    Nobody would like to see Mr Kouchner becoming Kagame’s manservant. I personally count on your wisdom, Mr the President, to use your power and help Mr Kouchner wake up and gain conscience of what he really is, so that he can cease acting as a very passionate irresponsible.

    Monsieur le Président,
    Les gens pensent que Monsieur Kouchner veut trop influer sur la décision de la justice française dans l’affaire criminelle Rose Kabuye du Rwanda.

    Cette dame militaire n’a pas seulement tué les Français mais elle est également l’une des personnalités du FPR qui ont provoqué le génocide rwandais des hutu et tutsi. Elle soutient NKUDA assi dans le génocide des hutu de la RDC. Elle a notamment tué beaucoup de personnes quant elle était Préfet de Kigali.

    S’il faut absolument renouer les relations diplomatiques avec le régime criminel de Kagame, il convient pourtant de penser à sauvagarder les valeurs de votre pays en matière des droits de l’homme essentiellement caractérisées la séparation des 3 Pouvoirs.
    A mon avis, votre Ministre des Aff étrangères est en train de discréditer la France et il lui serait recommandé la retenue dans la question du Rwanda.

    C’est pas pour rien que les Pays-Bas ont revu dernièrement leur manière d’aider financièrement le régime criminel de Kigali, régime qui dénigre les Blancs en général et méprise les Français en particulier.

    Personne ne devrait souhaiter que M. Kouchner soit perçu comme un valet de Kagame.
    Je compte personnellement sur votre sagesse pour que M. Kouchner se réveille, sache qui il est et évite de se comporter comme un irresponsable trop passionné.

  11. The soonest is the best, be quick

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  13. You should talk about how Rwanda has now been accepted into the British Commonwealth. It’s the most shameful thing in the whole history of Rwanda. And the worst part of it being that they’re only doing this to rid Rwanda of all French or its Francophone ties to furthermore try to eliminate any possible trace of Hutus in the government which will eventually lead to extermination of all Hutus worldwide.We must stand up against the Kigali regime and put a stop to this madness before it’s too late and all our Rwandan comrades are gone …

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