Expect Race Riots on Inaguration Day

So there have been some speculation and prediction about the impeding race riots sure to happen if Obama is not elected president of the United States. Sure there are some basis for this. People will surely protest. People are fed up with the war in Iraq, the economic crisis, the lack of care for the climate crisis, and so much more. The possibility of a Barack Obama in office is a huge historical moment and statement in American history. The possibility of an Obama has inspired a movement unlike any other in recent memory, a movement towards real racial integration, diversity, and equality for America. And yes, if he is not elected, a lot of people will be upset. And so, the predictors say, race riots are inevitable if he is not elected.

And while Obama’s presidency represents “hope” and “change” for the diverse America, when race riots are predicted, they invoke a racialized sense of disgruntled “other” Americans, the African Americans. Few people imagine sensible white Americans running the streets, protesting, and looting, simply because a Black man did not become president. Only those entitled African Americans are sure to wreck havoc on America because they didn’t get a handout in the form of a president.

And yet…while there is a very strong pro-Obama movement, there is also a huge, strong, counter anti-Obama movement. Some believe Obama is the anti-Christ. They are using religion to warn people of the inevitable doom that will befall America if Obama is elected president. Like their ancestors when slavery was to be abolished, they took up arms and went to war, these same people will also take up arms and go to war, to fight for their America. The racist for whites only (at least in power, and yeah Blacks are allowed as long as they stay in their place, that is, the place beneath the whites) Americans will make sure that by no means will they live under a “multi-racial” and “equal” America.

Yet this isn’t considered an inevitable “race” riot sure as it will happen if or when Obama becomes president. These groups of people, mostly whites, are not racialized and otherised like Black people. Their disdain and protest against an Obama presidency is not only not considered a racial act, but is even to some degree considered Patriotic. Their entitlement is disregarded, and in some cases their violence justified (they are patriotic after all 🙄 ).

But here is the thing. Even if they are white, their riots and protests should be racialized as well. So whether Obama wins or doesn’t win the Presidency of the United States, either way, expect a RACE riot. Black people are not the only ones who “act out” when they do not like something. Whites do too, and have “acted out” in the past.

2 Responses

  1. His electin came and went, and we have now sworn him into office. Do you have any photos or proof of this “upset, white mob” protesting, burning their neighborhoods, destorying their businesses, etc? I didn’t think so.

  2. Hi Bob, thanks for your comment on my blog. It’s true, there were no mobs, no violence, and the whole transition was extremely peaceful. This speaks volume in terms of race relations in America, and it is something everyone should be proud of.

    As to my original blog post, this was written during the elections when many were predicting that if Obama did not win the election, there would be lots of looting, lots of violence, and outright “barbaric” behavior if you will. Therefore, I wrote a post challenging the racist idea that conflates violence with Blackness, and made it seem as though Blacks were the only ones who would, or were capable of “taking up arms” if dissatisfied with a social situation.

    It is filled with sarcasm, as I tried to remind readers of a time when there was a lot of violence and a lot of deaths due to Whites being dissatisfied with a social situation (the civil war, and of course many times after that). Bottom line, Blacks do not hold a monopoly on violence and violent acts, and just as many were predicting Black rioters, there was a very real possibility that a White rioters could very well act out as well. Especially considering America’s violent past.

    The best part is, neither group rioted. So it’s all groovy. 🙂

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