Don’t Underestimate Palin on Debates

Palin will be debating Biden soon, and a lot of Obama supporters are banking on the fact that her debate will be as disastrous as her interviews with Charlie Gibson and Katie Couric. However, as was seen at the Republican National Convention, when she’s had time to prepare and to memorize speeches, talking points, and one liners, the delivery is priceless and highly effective.

EVERYONE: expect the same type of performance at this debate as the GOP convention. When asked about Iran, Iraq, North Korea, Zimbabwe, whatever, Palin will have memorized a serious of talking points she will bring up (being confident that she won’t be challenged on them by her opponent) and she will deliver them perfectly. More importantly though, is that she will be equipped with a series of one liners and zingers that she will use to undermine her opponent. And this is where her success will come in.

Policy debate? Forget about it. As long as people’s expectations are low, as long as they believe she will fall completely flat on her face, she can only do better. And I think this is what the GOP is hoping for. Low expectations that will only be elevated by her performance with one liners that are memorable, “cute”, and catchy.

So don’t underestimate her. She is coming strong, and she is bring fire!


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