Comments Policy

So the comments policy section has been under construction for a while now. But I finally have the rules up. Here is the post within the comments policy:

I allow almost everything. As long as it’s clear, and well thought out, it’s fair game. I welcome dissenting thoughts and opinions, but no ad hominem attacks. Everything else is good to go. But with all that said,

  1. It’s my blog. I can change the rules as I see fit, and as I please, at any time.
  2. I welcome disagreements. Give a coherent thought, and we can civilly disagree.
  3. If you post an extremely stupid or ignorant comment, beware, it may be turned into a post, and you might look like an idiot.
  4. This blog is not a “let’s let Kagame and sympathizers spread their propaganda.” So don’t be surprised if your attempts and efforts to spread the Kagame propaganda are thwarted. Don’t worry, most of your comments will show up, however, some like in number 3, will be dedicated to their own posts, and decontructed, shredded to the nothingness and emptyness that they are.
  5. Enjoy yourself, share your thoughts and opinions. All are welcome. Happy blogging! )

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