Just A Point of Clarification

I haven’t been blogging for a while now, possibly going on two months. And I’m not sure that I will be getting much time in the near future to blog as I normally did. I appreciate all of those who continue to check back, and continue to read what I write. I also appreciate those who comment, regularly or semi-regularly and help keep the blog somewhat alive.

Although I haven’t posted much, I’ve been somewhat involved in the comment discussion in what seems to be the most active post on this blog. What’s most fascinating about the comments in that blog seem to be that the commentators simply want to distract the blog and shift the focus from the topic being discussed.

Although distracting, they occasionally raise interesting points regarding the Rwandan conflict. What I find most telling is not their sympathy for Kagame and the RPF, but instead, the lousy excuses they provide for why he is justified in the killings he committed. These people have the gall not only to affirm that he did commit various acts of murder, but they have the audacity to suggest that it was justified. And unfortunately, they meet little or no resistance or challenge from the world at large.

Their comments often suggest that the purpose of this blog is misunderstood. Unless, I am right, and they are actually more concerned with deflecting than actually learning and discussing. I of course recommend that anyone confused about this blog’s purpose read the about section, as well as the other pages including “Stop Denying Genocide”. Perhaps then a conversation can be had that doesn’t revolve around Kagame sympathizers arguing none sense like he dines with google and starbucks therefore he is innocent of war crimes.

For the sake of those reading, I will say this, the information currently available in mainstream media in the west is filled with propaganda and misinformation regarding the Rwandan conflict. And this blog is primarily dedicated to providing information and sources to help those interested in learning more about the injustice that’s been done to Rwandans, and Africans in general. It is an open blog, and discussion is welcome. There is a lot of information out there, and it takes time to go through it all, however, I welcome anyone with knowledge on the subject at hand, because I think it’s important that more people learn and become educated on this subject.

Also, I encourage people to send in links to interesting information they may have regarding the subject matter. I’ve received some (thanks to those who provided), but I haven’t unfortunately managed to review them adequately.

Anyway, I will be back with more topics that will hopefully inspire more discussion.

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