If Hil Can’t Win Neither Will Obama

At this time in the Democratic Party presidential primary contests, it’s apparent that Barack Obama will most likely win the nomination. As of now, Barack Obama is leading in overall pledged delegates, as well as in the popular vote, after his last night’s loss and victory in Indiana and North Carolina respectively.

There is a strong push for Hillary Clinton to pull out of the context and concede to Obama, however, I am not supporting those sentiments. I support Clinton’s desire and wishes to continue the race even though her chances of winning are very minimal at this point. But it’s her right, and if she feels that this is what she needs to do to leave the race with dignity and grace, then that’s what she is going to do, and I support that. Not because I support her at all, but just because she’s had her fair share of struggles in the race herself.

But while she continues to remain in the race, the question arises, will she continue a negative campaign or will she simply concentrate on her strengths positioning herself in a place where her policies and solutions appear superior to Obama’s? She hasn’t done this enough in my opinion, and has often relied on scaring white voters into voting for her instead of Obama. Fortunately it has backfired on her, at least so it seems and the contest isn’t over yet.

Although she continues to tread on, it appears the negativity from her campaign hasn’t stopped, and this is real cause for concern. Apparently, her campaign is pushing the call for electability PROVING more what I recently wrote about, the racism that’s inherent in posing Clinton as more electable since…well duh! White people are going to vote for her instead of Obama (with her help of course). This has been the central thesis of her campaign as it relates to Obama, especially with the insidious race baiting from herself and her surrogates, but now…NOW they’re saying it explicitly. In an article titled “Hillary Chief Strategist: North Carolina Loss Represented Progress Because We Won Among White Voters” writer Greg Sargent says this:

On the Hillary conference call, Hillary chief strategist Geoff Garin made the case for her electability in some of the most explicitly race-based terms I’ve heard yet.

Garin argued that the North Carolina contest, which Obama won by 14 points, represented “progress” for Hillary because she did better among white voters there than she did in Virginia.

“When we began in North Carolina,” Garin said, “our internal polling and much of the public polling [showed] we were running exactly even with white voters.”

Garin said that the Virginia electorate was the “closest white electorate in the country” to North Carolina, and added that Hillary “started even” among whites in North Carolina, and “ended up earning a significant win of 24 points.”

“We obviously did not do as well as we would want or needed to among African American voters,” Garin concluded.

Put in the context of the Hillary campaign’s chief argument that she’s the more electable Dem, Garin’s overall implication here is that her success among white voters in North Carolina yesterday is “progress” in the sense that it strengthens her case for electability.

In other words, it’s an explicit, and unabashed, linking of her claim of electability to her success among whites.

This is nothing more than an appeal to the super delegates, but it is completely out of line. Since the Clinton campaign likes to remind everyone that Barack Obama cannot carry the white working class votes (because duh, he’s an inexperienced, unqualified Black man), here is something that may be of interest to her campaign taken from here:

According to CNN’s 1996 exit poll, Bill Clinton lost the white vote (Dole 46%, Clinton 43%, Perot 9%). He lost the white male vote by an even larger margin (Dole 49%, Clinton 38%, Perot 11%). And he lost gun owners badly (Dole 51%, Clinton 38%, Perot 10%). However, Clinton won the popular vote overall 49%-41%-8%, and he won 70% of the electoral votes.

In 2000 — when Al Gore won the popular vote by half a million votes — he lost white males to Bush by a whopping 60%-36%, according to CNN’s exit poll. He lost men overall 53%-42%. He lost whites overall 54%-42%. He lost gun owners 61%-36%. He lost small-town voters 59%-38% and rural voters 59%-37%. He lost the Midwest overall 49%-48%.

Clinton is reaching at this point, and desperately trying to appeal to the super delegates. But I keep wondering why she won’t sell herself as having the best policies and best solutions as opposed to scaring people out of voting for Barack Obama. This is unfortunately one of the downer side to having her stay in the race. She is still causing damage to Obama’s campaign when she should be at least trying to part ways amicably.

I really still can’t believe that she would continue down this path. Because part of me was still trying to give her the benefit of the doubt earlier during the primaries that while I don’t like it and will probably harshly criticize it, her campaign wasn’t doing anything out of the ordinary, I mean this is what “they” do, but at this point, what is she hoping to gain? It’s almost as if she is sending the message that if she can’t win, neither will any other democrat, especially Obama.

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    by Publius II

    There once was a man named Obama
    His life began with drama
    An African Muslim father
    An Atheist white mama

    Obama’s white grandparents
    They gave him a charmed life
    Raised on the beaches of Hawaii
    Far from ghetto strife

    He went to private schools
    Fourteen thousand dollars a year
    Working-class white folks
    They were nowhere near

    He attended Columbia
    Then Harvard Law
    A very soft and liberal upbringing
    Something Americans eventually saw

    He then went to Chicago
    Nation of Islam, Farrakhan, Black Panthers and Jackson
    The only friends he made
    All from the extreme left-wing faction

    He joined a radical church
    His Pastor downright insane
    Blacks and whites, he said
    Think with different parts of their brain

    His church praised a man named Cone
    With hateful opinions he was filled
    He said white people were “the devil”
    And Gods who love whites must be killed

    Obama first ran for State Senate
    With permission from Chicago’s Marxist King
    A domestic terrorist named Ayers
    Obama kissed his ring

    He wrote a book called “Dreams From My Father”
    From start to finish a racist rant
    After people finally read it
    They said: “Obama, no we can’t”

    He wrote how he rejected his mother’s race
    And that Malcolm X was a hero
    People had a clear warning
    Obama was a dangerous zero

    He was then elected to the U.S. Senate
    Obama’s ego grew very bold
    He barely served a year
    I will run for President was the story he told

    He spent millions to stage rallies
    The crowds would yell and cheer
    But then it all fizzled out
    Typical white folks, he said, cling to religion, guns and beer

    His wife said America was mean
    She was never really proud
    Her Black Separatist thesis at Princeton
    Became a campaign cloud

    People said he was a Muslim
    His supporters scoffed and jeered
    Then his Black Liberation Church was exposed
    And Obama’s ugly head was reared

    He opened a Texas Office
    A banner of Che Gueverra proudly on display
    Paying tribute to a Marxist executioner
    Americans gasped with dismay

    He tried to recover in a speech on race
    The left-wing media offered raves
    But he said white folks had an “untrained ear”
    And abolitionists in Pennsylvania rolled over in their graves

    He claimed to be a uniter
    He would bring people together all at once
    But after his speech in Philadelphia
    He proved to be a demographic dunce

    He tried once more to persuade whites
    But his bowling was a mess
    He rolled a 37
    Like a 5-year-old girl in a dress

    He then played basketball
    He drove the ball to the rack
    But when all was said and done
    He nearly had a heart attack

    He said damn those white voters
    Their Mutual Funds I will tax
    I’ll double the capital gains rate
    Like an old-school Liberal hack

    He opposed a gas tax holiday
    He said it wasn’t a winner
    $40 wasn’t much he said
    Just the weekly budget for the average family’s dinner

    He wouldn’t cover his heart
    As the National Anthem played
    It’s a meaningless gesture he said
    But Americans felt betrayed

    He wouldn’t wear a flag pin
    It was against his One World view
    It doesn’t matter he said
    And the American people stewed

    He first called terrorist Ayers his friend
    Then said this man he didn’t really know
    More deceit and cover-ups
    Obama’s lies began to grow

    Farrakhan, Jackson and Sharpton
    Three of Obama’s greatest fans
    He tried hiding them in the closet
    So not to further offend the white man

    Then came his anti-American Pastor
    Obama’s mentor for 20 years
    He preened, shucked and jived
    White people rose up and sneered

    NBC and the New York Times
    They tried each day to save Obama’s campaign
    But real Americans said “FU”
    And Obama spiraled down the drain

    His name was Barrack Hussein Obama
    Running for a second Jimmy Carter term
    Weak on National Security
    A little, pacifist worm

    The radical left-wing Democrats
    A Presidential race lost once again
    Is it really a surprise
    They’ve lost 7 of the last 10?

  2. Actually publius ii, OBAMA is the next American President. 🙂 And your poem is actually pretty good, except for the ignorance and distorted facts contained within.

  3. I think it’s OK that she stays in for now, as long as she gets out once Obama passes the delegate threshold on May 20 with his win in Oregon.

    I’m OK with her sticking around as long as she 100% stops all negative attacks. If she continues to attack Obama then the superdelegates need to step in and endorse Obama en masse.

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