Rwandans in Exile Beware!

There are groups seemingly to be mostly concentrated in the U.K. who have it in for Rwandans in exile who do not share Kagame’s ideology and who do not support his genocidal acts against Hutus and Tutsi who are critical of his regime, and other innocent Congolese citizens. The most recent perpetrator among these organizations, African Rights published a report accusing a Rwandan student of genocide crimes, and informs him and others that he has been sentenced with 30 years in prison in absentia by highly revered “Gacaca Courts” with less than an ounce of international credibility. After they finished shaking up the U.K. as published in The Asylum of Extreme Exclusion, they are now on track to shake up Rwandans in the USA, specifically in Dayton, Ohio.

The first step to framing these Rwandans in exile is to start smear campaigns with these incredibly heinous accusations of having taken part in the genocide by providing false witnesses and testimonies against them. These tactics are also meant to scare the exiled Rwandans, and on some level to make an example out the accused in their respective Rwandan communities, in order to teach all others a lesson in either speaking out against Kagame, or protesting the falsified propaganda spread by the RPF. It is utterly outrageous.

When I looked up the “African Rights” organization to get a sense of what the organization purports to stand by, I came up empty handed. The website is unexpectedly not working. And the only information I could garner was from another website which stated that African Rights “is an organization dedicated to working on issues [of] grave human rights abuses, conflict, famine and civil reconstruction in Africa” and that the organization’s director is named Rakya Omaar. I’m not sure if any of this information is correct since I had no other way of immediately verifying the information.

But if the information is true, African Rights (based in London by the way), could not find anything else to do other than publish afalsefied report about a supposed genocidaire attending a University in the U.S.A.? I mean really, of all the human rights abuses happening, especially in Rwanda itself, committed by the ruling regime, they are going to fabricate information, more propaganda, and fear monger within the Rwandan communities, people who are rehabilitating and in the process of rebuilding their lives?

According to various sources, African Rights believes that there are at least 7 dozen perpetrators of genocide living in Dayton, Ohio. Supposedly U.S. officials have been warned of some of these people’s genocide perpetrator status, even though they are not being accused or being indicted by the ICTR. Who, other than Kagame sympathizers, whose sole intention is to continue the suppression of information and the accusation and persecution of innocent people actually takes the “Gacaca Courts” seriously? I suppose anyone who has bought into the propaganda does too, which happens to be a lot of people, unfortunately, and these fabrication of information, and falsification of accusations will serve to alienate these Rwandans in their communities, making it even harder for them to continue their rehabilitation.

I know what you’re probably thinking. “But these people committed genocide!” But actually, many of them didn’t and are being falsely accused, and their lives are being ruined due to propaganda. And if they did commit crimes, they are being disproportionately accused, tried and convicted of war crimes while the RPF antagonist continue their lives with impunity. It’s disgusting, and it’s a shame that anyone can call this justice.

So once again, Rwandans in the U.S.A. beware. They are coming after you. And anyone with enough sense needs to aggressively oppose this blatant disregard for justice.


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  1. […] Rwandans in Exile Beware!When I looked up the “African Rights” organization to get a sense of what the organization purports to stand by, I came up empty handed. The website is expectedly not working. And the only information I could garner …Back To My Roots – […]

  2. […] Rwandans in Exile Beware!When I looked up the “African Rights” organization to get a sense of what the organization purports to stand by, I came up empty handed. The website is expectedly not working. And the only information I could garner …Back To My Roots – […]

  3. This article creates many Questions than answers and whoever authored it ought to elaborate on why it is those so called individuals being allegedly persecuted.The article further fails to bring any iota of evidence to prove that the Individuals in Question are being Falsely Accused.Well it is A fact that A genocide was perpetrated against Tutsi in Rwanda in Broad Day light and it was done by fellow Rwandese. It is thus incumbent upon those Falsely accused to avail Evidence to the Contrary.Mere reduction of those suspected of perpetrating the Genocide to Political Persecution by the Kagame Regime wont help matters.

    • you people I thin k you are another cursed community. you loke drinking innocent blood of hutu people? that is your ideology but there is only one saviour.God want us to be in constant fear and trouble with the world that is yearning for minerals in DRC but one day your time will come. now you have finished Hutus you have embarked to US citizens like Peter Erlinder but you are mistaken you will never finish us at all. the more you oppress us the more we rejuvenate and excell

  4. Here is the thing. I purposely didn’t provide any links to the accusations, because they are all over cyberspace. If you want to know more about the accused individuals, do a search.

    Also, if you’re looking for evidence, it would be helpful to you if you followed and read the links provided in the original article(s). Because it’s obvious from your response that you didn’t follow nor read the article linked. It provides you with all the evidence you need.

    As for the rest of your post about a genocide against Tutsi in broad day light, I would like to inform you that if you believe that only tutsi’s died and no one else, you’re a product of the propaganda. While many Tutsi died, there were more Hutu who died, especially starting in 1990 all murdered by the RPF and Kagame and throughout 1994 even until today. Because although some Rwandans are being accused of being genocidaires, there are those who are getting killed.

    By the way, the links provided in this response, will give you the evidence you’re looking for.

  5. Oh my my I finally Know who you are.Well, Reducing the Genocide to Propaganda just does it. Revisionists,Segregationists of your sort will never win or change what now has become History .You suffer from Endemic Hatred that will only consume you to your Death.

    Your claim that more Hutus were killed than Tutsis is just as Absurd as your Ideologies. In the First place why did those so called Tutsis have to Die or be killed by your sort in the First Place?.
    To argue that No Hutus were Massacred would be False. The Question is thus Who was Responsible?. Well you very well know that when your killing Machines went on Rampage they not only killed tutsis but even Fellow Hutu who didn’t Agree to their Twisted Ideologies.
    Then enter R.P.F. I Would like to Share with you what you already know but unwilling to Admit. The R.P.F as An Institution didnt and would not have initiated the Massacre of Hutu in Vengeance.Period. To the Contrary the R.P.F in Unprecedented show of Authority managed to prevent or bring into control What Many had deemed Impossible.The Question on Every Persons mind was the level of Revenge the Victors would Wrongly mete on the Vanquished.The Victors meaning Individual Tutsi Survivors and Returnees who were justified to do the Unthinkable.However thanks to the Wise leader ship of Paul Kagame ,A man you love to Hate, the Vengeance did not and could not happen at a Scale beyond Control as it could have been had power been in the Hands of a Weak Leader. I Some time wonder what Rwanda would be today had the Situation been Reversed. A Hutu Genocide and a Habyarimana like Armed Victory .

    I beg you to Reflect more on the Damage you have Caused to your Mother Land and look for Ways to redeem your Conscience.Besides this Tutsi,Hutu Stuff you enjoy Enphasing is Archaic in Rwanda. Could you inform me the Fundamental Differences that may exist between the two that warrants all the Hatred you seem to hubour in you ?

    • you people I think you are as rotten as a meat forgotten in the kitchen men. you hate hutus you killed us since 1990s until today you are still killing but we will still survive because you are fighting us with the help of USA but we are surviving from your hatred from the arm of God.we shalll prosper no matter what

  6. I’m not even sure how or where to get started with your response.

    Hatred? My sort? My killing machine? I don’t think so.

    But I can assure you with 100% certainty that you have no idea who I am. You think you know, but really you have no idea. And that’s okay. It happens. 🙂

    Now…the fact that you assume that you know me based on one single blog entry really shows either your limited thought or your limited social interactions. Here’s a shocker, there a great number of people with knowledge of the proper information, so the person you know who says stuff like this, is not the only one. But please do invite him/her over here, cause he/she sounds enlightened as far as the RPF and Kagame are concerned. Since you refuse to read the information I provide to you, I’ll break it down for you like this.

    The killings of Rwandans that eventually exploded into the war and genocide of 1994 started in 1990 and were initiated by the RPF along with Kagame. But we, as in you and your kind, like to conveniently leave that piece of information out of social discourse. Is it probably because it would shake up the propaganda that the RPF’s hold on power so strongly rests upon?

    But you and other Kagame sympathizers and apologists like to gloss over the broken cease fire agreements by the RPF, and disregard for the peace negotiations where conditions for the eventual power sharing were violated, and the fact that there is no evidence of there having been a planned genocide but the former Rwandan regime. And you so conveniently ignore the human rights violations and the genocide crimes committed by the RPF, just so you can justify their involvement in the crimes of 1994, before, well after, up to today.

    And oh, you also don’t want the world alerted to the killings of millions of Congolese people, so you aggressively silence any critics of Kagame that may serve as enlightenment for the world, but labeling them negationists, revisionists, or genocidaire, just so Kagame can continue to commit crimes unchallenged and with impunity.

    Yeah, I know how it works. And yes, the fact that the majority of the world’s people are clueless to all these things is because of pure propaganda that’s been perpetuated by western media either out of ignorance or with little interests in preventing the death and destruction of African people, and but a vested interest in the plundering of natural resources.

    And yet that’s not considered hate by you. Is it because perhaps you also benefit from this constant warfare against other Africans? And you benefit from the death of Hutu and Tutsi innocent civilians? You now reap social benefits after many citizens of Rwanda were exiled and murdered?

    Perhaps if you had read a few more of my blog posts, and maybe you had bothered to check out some of the links I provided, you might have tried to oppose me from a different angle other than accusing me of being a negationist or a genocidaire. It’s getting old and tired, and the more people become educated, the more they start to question the likes of you. Because the only counter argument you can muster is to call me a genocidaire or a negationist, and ASSume you know me, when you really don’t. You know, the usual deflecting from the issues? Not working. So try again.

    Again that assumption that you know me, that I don’t know what’s going on in Rwanda, is kinda silly, so consider dropping it. Here is the thing, it is there, it exists, and no matter how much the government of Rwanda tries to mask it, the division is there.

    I’m not sure where you saw hate in my post, but you were mistaken. And the fundamental differences between Hutus and Tutsis are cultural alright? But I’m sure you know this, but insist on ignore it just so Kagame can continue to carry out his de facto murder and unjust persecution of non-genocide survivors, cause we all know that only Tutsis are genocide survivors right?

  7. Well Every blog of yours just Confirms to me who you really are as in suggesting that their is no Evidence that a Genocide was pre-planned by your Former Regime.Geez I have no Reply to that as it warrants none.
    Well skipping History for your own good wont help matters.The Genocide you painstakingly Deny is Globally recognized and it would be demeaning to even attempt to prove it to you.
    The Kagame you slander with Murder is way out of your League and He has achieved much for Rwanda in so short a time to the Chagrin of you who prayed for him to fail.
    Of recent He has been awarded Accolade upon Accolade for his Achievements,Dined and always in the Company of Top C.E.O S of International Companies like Google ,Sturbucks etc selling Rwanda to the World and all you do is De Humanize him.Top Evangelists like Pastor Warren as we fondly call him in Rwanda are awed by him.World Leaders have Described him as a Man of Action and Integrity Not even the Tight Schedule of Tony Blair ,Yes Tony Blair would prevent him from accepting a presidential Advisory role to the MAN. Such is the Choice of Friends the MAN has and that goes a long way to show his Character.Are then all these Prominent Personalities Wrong and you are Right ? I dont think so…
    M.r Kagame thus has put an Indelible Mark in History as a rare African States man and simple Charlatans can never delete that.

    Besides Rwanda is well over with that Simplistic Debate over Ethnicity that you were fed on for the greater part of your Life. There is no Cultural nor Genetically deference whatsoever between us Rwandese and the Earlier you Realize it the Better for you and your Mentors.

  8. I’m trying so hard not to laugh, but I just can’t help it. You can’t possibly be this dense. I can’t even go through it all.

    Just because Kagame recieves accolades and he is working with his accomplice Tony Blaire and others who have swallowed the propaganda doesn’t make him any less of a criminal, murderer, or genocidaire, nor does it absolve him from his crimes or excuse the fact that he is persecuting and executing innocent Rwandans within Rwanda and across the globe. Specifically as in the original post, in the UK and the United States and by extension in Belgium.

    It is no surprise that it’s not just happening in Western countries either, it’s happening all over Africa as well. These people are innocent, and the lights and accolades are distractions from what Kagame is actually doing, and in fact, helping him accomplish his goals of murdering people, and helping western countries exploit African resources. So miss me with all that deflection nonesense.

    Just because the world believes something to be true doesn’t make it so. There was a time when the world believed the earth was flat, and in more recent times, the U.S. “believed” that there were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, but just because they believed it, didn’t make it true. Similarly with this situation. More and more people are realizing the crimes committed by Kagame, especially the assassination of two African presidents. And yes, he he will be brought under justice for his crimes. He doesn’t get a pass just because he’s dining with google and starbucks LOL.

    I like how you glossed over everything I wrote, as is typically done by the likes of you, and goes to prove what I said. Conveniently ignoring that truth which you don’t like, so you can continue to advance your flawed agenda and reap benefits off of other people’s blood. By deflecting and putting the onus on the speaker instead of actually challenging the message. Again, it’s not working, so stop it. Whether you know me or not is besides the point. What say you about WHAT I say?

    Thanks for providing me with more propaganda to deconstruct in my future posts though. It’s always nice to see the ideas used to suppress and repress certain groups of people on display.

  9. I am so glad we have discovered each other Sunkissed. Now let us do battle to make sure the facts of what happened in Rwanda are not papered over. Perhaps the best place to start is that Kagame is guilty of inciting the genocide with the shooting down of Habyarimana’s plane and is wanted for crimes against humanity?

  10. absolutely athenaeum!! it’s one huge detail in that whole mess that somehow got lost in the shuffle, but not for long!!!

  11. Mmmm! I am not Rwandan but I worked in Rwanda and Zaire (WFP/OCHA) (12/94 to 09/97)..I was in Kampala, Kigali,Goma and Tingi Tingi and Kisangani I worked with Micheal Jones of OCHA in Food and Medical logistics for Hutu refugees..I was not told nor fed on propaganda…I was there and I saw and talked to local people (Tutsi and Hutu) in villages and in towns, in hospitals and in refugee camps in Zaire…We were the first people to raise alarm about arms being flown into Goma from Cairo!!! I will tell you this: Anyone who thinks there was no genocide..anyone who thinks an attempt was not made to kill all Tutsi in Rwanda…anyone who thinks that this attempt was not planned and committed by Hutu leaders (some of whom I met personally)…NEEDS TO HAVE HIS/HER HEAD EXAMINED….Lastly, many Hutu died of diseases, many were also killed by ADFL and RPF in Zaire, I also remember an incident in Sept 1997 when about 200 Hutu refugees drowned in the Congo river as they fled from ADFL/RPF!! I also remember when many (maybe 300) were suffocated and crashed by a train in May 1997 near Kisangani…Oh!! These are things I will never forget all my life…It hurt so much because many were innocent little children being held hostage by ruthless criminals!!! Infact after Kisangani we never saw children among the refugees again!!!!GOD!! It all comes back!!! All said and done it is simply unbelievable that people like “sunkissed” are still out there…VERY SCARY!!…they remind me of a Hutu Doctor I met near Tingi Tingi…he said ..”no matter what, we shall go back and finish all of them…it is a matter of time…it took 1 million tutsi’s 30 yrs to come back, how long will it take 6 million Hutu’s??”…I am not a ginuis but I can tell his math has been proved wrong!!

  12. Kasusi,

    In your own words, anyone who thinks that the innocent civilians in Congo/Zaire had no reason to flee the murderous RPF Tusti soldiers who were hungry for blood needs to have their heads examined. So, I am recommending you do that. The RPF/Tutsi rebelion committed murder, raped, sodomized, skinned people, tortured and plundered ever since 1990. That is why there were 1 000 000 internally displaced people (refugees in their own country) inside Rwanda in 1994 before the genocide. For you to suggest that the refugees were being held hostage and kept in refuge against their will is laughable to say the least. To add that people need their heads checked while making the above comments about being held hostage is even more laughable.

    Not only did Rwandans run from the RPF/Tutsi rebels, the Zaireans/Congolese did too. People running from the RPF were men, women, children, the elderly, the disabled, any human being you can think of who wanted to save their lives. And today, people are still running from the RPF/Tutsi regime on a daily basis.

    Funny enough, you seem to have been present in many of the places where the RPF committed major attrocities? Were you in Kibeho too? Are you an RPF Agent? Anyone who has been in these places will not make such insensitive comments about innocent people. You would also know how evil the RPF is and that people have reason to flee RPF and Kagame.

    Approximately 300 people were slaughered by the RPF with the help of OCHA, which you refer as “suffocated by train” and you call this aid? Way to spin. It appears that you Kasusi, Bush, and Billary have a lot in common brother/sister. Is this the aid you are referring to in your post above? I feel sorry for people who are still trying to aid in covering up the RPF crimes under the guise of “aid”. It won’t happen in the information age. The true story will be told. This is not the 90’s my friend. Elements of both the Hutus and Tutsis committed major crimes against Rwandans and the Tutsis did against the Zairean/Cogolese too. The biggest enemy or Rwanda are these elements and anyone who tries to cover up for them.

  13. kasusi writes: “I was not told nor fed on propaganda”

    rightttttt. it shows by your “critical” examination of the events in rwanda. kagabo raises an interesting point. you seem to have been present in many areas where the rpf committed massacres. is that perhaps why you believe you were not fed propaganda? because you help kill the evil genocidaires and liberated the oppressed in rwanda? if that’s not propaganda then it certainly is delusion. perhaps YOU need your head examined because you suffer from delusional disorder?

  14. Sunkissed!
    I have absolutely no interest in the Rwanda saga! However, fate had it that I will be a witness to terrible things; and wether you like it or not facts will always be facts…genocide was comitted, it was well planned by those who wanted to keep power, simple peasants were instilled with terrible lies and fear about the Tutsi, others were actually forced to participate in the genocide…fast forward…the Hutu extremist lost and went to Congo hoping to regroup from there..many innocent people followed.
    RPF had no choice but follow the extremists to Congo because the Hutu’s were openly re-arming and organizing (infact with the help of Aid Agencies…because we could see that the Hutu Govt in exile was using relief materials as a source of funds) to go back and “finish the job” as they often told us!!!!
    Having said the above, I can also tell you that YES RPF killed many Hutu’s in Congo…As an example, I witnessed between October 31 and November 2, 1996, the INERA and Kashusha camps being shelled indiscreminately by RPF….True these camps had Interahamwe in them but many were also children..and its them that died en mass because of the stampede!!. About one hundred bodies were buried there by the Red Cross. The same happened at the Cimanga camp; many refugees were machine-gunned to death. Now, I remember (and this explains the extent to which Refugees were held hostage!!) about fifty refugees fleeing the bombardment of Kashusha took refuge at our Kajeje tented stores on November 4, 1996. They desparately asked us (OCHA) to evacuate them back to Rwanda and indeed a radio message was sent to Goma to prepare the evacuation…then in the evening a Hutu Doctor (we all knew him as Dr. Hakiza)) came with several armed men and “convinced” the refugees to flee toward the Kabare forest!! Only one woman and her daughter survived the “convincing” because she hid in our truck. Two days later, we saw a column of ADFL troops heading towards the forest…I am sure those people were killed…but who is to blame for their death???? I was later told by ADFL commanders that many had headed into the hinterland, far from the border. These later were hunted down like game over the last six months in the Zairian forest. Interestingly I met Dr. Hakiza again near Kisangani and introduced him to Claire Trean of Le Monde (another long story..Mmmmm!!)
    The point I am trying to make here is that..YES RPF killed many Hutu refugees….but its the Hutu extremists who were using the refugees as a shield and a source of funds (from Aid Agencies) who are to blame!!….Those of us who were there will NEVER allow the likes of you to distort facts to promote your dispeakable ideology of GENOCIDE!

  15. Hi Kasusi,

    You above post was addressed to Sunkissed, but I was wondering if you knew about the fact that over a million (1 000 000) people had fled the RPF inside of Rwanda by end of 1993? Your post only mentions the attrocities in the Congo. Who were the RPF/Tutsi rebels looking for from 1990 to April 1994?

    It’s great that you acknowledge the genocide committed by the Hutu’s but I am baffled at how you can excuse mass killings and blame them on the victims? What an incensitive person. Especially if you really witnessed some of the massacres that took place. Also, thousands who “voluntarily” went back to Rwanda during the Congo invasion were killed. So they were damned if they did and damned if they didn’t.

    People had and still have reasons to flee the RPF. They are not the saviors that they are made out to be. Every coin has two sides and the RPF incited/participated int he genocide of Rwandans. Anyone who believes otherwise will be proven wrong by the facts. As you say, FACTS SPEAK FOR THEMSELVES and there will be no escaping the truth in the INFORMATION AGE. People should not be intimidated from telling the truth by those who are unconfortable hearing that there were 2 sides to the Rwandan genocide and that the RPF was part of it.

  16. Kasusi,

    I just wanted to add this: your comment about whose fault it is that babies, women and the elderly were murdered by the RPF, your pointing the finger at those who were fleeing the RPF as those at fault is as ridiculous as blaming anyone other than Hitler for the crimes he committed against the Jews and other minorities. It is inhuman to blame the victims for being killed by some crazy and blood hungry murderers.

    Also, how anyone in their right mind can justify an invasion by a country to another is beyond reason and humanity. Like I said, I see a lot of similarities between you those losers named GW Bush and Billary.

  17. @Kasusi, for someone with little interest in Rwanda, you seem to have a lot of interest in Rwanda.

    So you’re going to come here and tell me that the RPF killed INNOCENT refugees, simply because the paranoid rpf killers convinced the world that the reason they went after innocent UNARMED civilians in the Congo is that that they were arming in order to return and maintain power, and then turn around and accuse ME of spreading genocide ideology? The fact is, the overwhelming majority of the people who were killed in the Congo, as you yourself just pointed out were UNARMED CIVILIANS.

    And to imply that the refugees brought it on themselves because why they were born in the wrong ethnic group or because they associated with people (very small minority by the way) who were forcibly and violently forced out of their country by the rpf with the help of western powers under genocidal propaganda, and who thought their country was rightfully theirs to take back (remember the RPF army invaded from uganda, they were viewed as foreigners) and would actually engage in actions to take it back (unsuccessfully obviously) is seriously twisted and probably the biggest acceptable genocide ideology to date. Yet you were not “told nor fed on propaganda” right? While genocide perpetrators would have been an extremely dangerous sect to hold power, the rpf leadership after killing so many people was not any better.

    DO ANY OF WHAT YOU JUST SAID MAKE ANY SENSE TO YOU? in fact, you just came right out and said the rpf committed massacres with the help of aid groups? Would that be with YOUR help?

    BTW all those refugees were violently and forcibly kicked out their country by the RPF in the midst of the war and genocide. The small minority of genocide perpetrators who thought they could go back and take over were not the only ones who were kicked out.

    Also, if the rpf was after these genocide leaders while it was murdering all those people, then how is it that many of them are on trial in arusha or jailed when they were not, ,and probably never even went/been in Congo? Could the rpf have been after the country’s leaders or just innocent civilians in their second wave of genocide since they started invading Rwanda? And why o why are innocent civilians getting “knocked off” one by one in exile? Are they supposedly re-arming too?

    You can make excuses for the rpf as much as you want. But as you said, facts speak for themselves. And it is increasingly clear how and that the rpf planned and committed genocide in Rwanda before 1994, in order to take over and maintain power, and once achieved went into the Congo as well. And they made sure to follow any survivors into any other country they thought they had found refuge, all over Africa, especially in the Congo, in Europe (UK, Belgium, France), and U.S. and Canada. But through the spread of propaganda, here you are.

    A wise man once said, “you can fool some people some time, but you can’t fool all the people all the time. So now we see the light (what you gonna do?)” kind of scary isn’t it?

    And you seem to be a good medium for the propaganda to be spread. What with your background with aid agencies and all, who is going to challenge your authority and insight into the matter, right? NOT. Try again.

    You also seem to be very willing and open to share your experiences (helping rpf kill off hutus and haphazardly killing off extremists among them within refugee camp) so maybe you “ain’t never scurred”, therefore, let me ask you this, would you kindly provide your name or your title/position within Ocha, and the usaid administrator at the time that you’re referring to? I’m just really interested to know.

    Feel free to not gloss over what Kagabo said, and also, try not getting genocide ideology confused with illuminating the truth about the RPF crimes. That seems to be a problem for you.

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  19. “….would you kindly provide your name or your title/position within Ocha, and the usaid administrator at the time that you’re referring to? I’m just really interested to know…….” next thing you will be asking for my ID….maybe to see if I am Tutsi or Hutu…and then you will…you know what…..sorry I am really afraid of any person who still thinks there was no Genocide in Rwanda.
    And by the way, AID agencies always have “interests” that are not always in harmony with the people supposedly being “aided”…but that does not mean that AID agencies in Congo aided in the killing of Hutu refugees; on the contrary it was AID Agencies that first reported to the world that refugees were being killed by Kabila/RPF forces. Personally I sympathised with RPF because on a daily basis I saw with my own eyes how the Hutu extremists were in control of the refugees, were armed and fighting back. and were still hell bent on going back to “finish the job”…as they called it!!!!
    It is amazing that you can claim that extremists were not in Congo because they were in Arusha!!!!…Bizimungu was in full control of about 150,000 refugees that arrived at Wendji on Feb 17 1997 out of these about 7,000-10,000 were armed and in early March RPF arrived and attacked the camp…those that survived took two directions; northwest led by Gatete and south led by Bizimungu!!! Very many children died that day!! But the blame is squarely on the Bizimungu’s and Gatete’s!! RPF had no choice but to chase these extremists to the end of earth!!
    A clue: at Tingi Tingi and Wedji there was Micheal Jones (OCHA), there was Killian Klien Schimidt (UNHCR) and there was me (…)….now go find out the rest if you want to know who I am…infact go to Arusha and ask Bizimungu himself!!!
    Some advice: as long as you have that kind of thinking you will not win any symapathy…Genocide was comitted in Rwanda by Hutu extremists and RPF killed many innocent Hutu in Congo as it tried to kill or capture the Bizimungu’s…WE WERE THERE, WE SAW EVERYTHING! NO LIES PLEASE!

  20. Kasusi,

    It is amazing what you are saying above. By your logic above, I can see yu justifying some of Hitler’s invasions into other countries to chase some people to the end of the earth. You will also find some Jews or minority leaders whom Hitler was rightfully chasing that left him no choice but to kill all of those Jews and other minorities. Your way of thinking is scary in that you find a way to justify countries being invaded and their citizens and refugees being wiped out jube because they happen to be in the way of the murderers, plunderers.

    I will not be surprised to hear from you justifying Hitler since your last post says that you sympathize with the AGGRESSORS, INVADERS, MURDERERS and somehow find a way to minimize their role in genocide. No wonder third world countries are beggining to decline AIDE now. It is laced with poison.

  21. I have no more fake intelligent words. I don’t really know what to say.

  22. Kasusi, i’m not sure where you think you are, but please only rational conversation only. thanks.

  23. Kasusi, it’s obvious you sympathize with the rpf. That much is clear. However, just because you sympathize with them doesn’t make their actions right or proper or necessary. The RPF attempted multiple genocides, and it’s even more horrifying that you can even muster a word of justification. And in your thinking, the Hutu refugees deserved it.

    I don’t know what you think you know, but trust, no one deserves death (even the murderous KAGAME), and no one should be targeted the way the rpf targeted refugees as well as Congolese citizens.

    I’m not sure if you are aware, but your way of thinking can definitely be classified as genocide ideology.

    Deciding to call people and refer to the them by their ethnic identity (which is what I have done) and actually saying multiple times that people deserved to die, and justifying their killers’ actions (which you have done) are not the same thing.

    If you feel threatened because you came on here and expressed that you worked with an aid agency that facilitated the genocide of Rwandans and Congolese people and were asked to identify yourself, that’s something you have to deal with. Especially since you seemed to open to volunteering information about your involvement.

  24. Kasusi,

    You have done a great job at evading the points raised. The sad thing is, the RPF will be found out in this INFORMATION AGE.

  25. These days Tom Daschle, Cindy McCain and Mike Huckabee are traveling I posted some links on Paul Kagame on my website hoping they would get picked up during the campaigns.

    Great website, too bad mainstream development agencies, media and politicians seem to think it’s better to ignore the reality.

  26. The genocide in Rwanda may have certainly ended, but the day to day horrors are no better. Saying that Rwanda is democratic is arrogantly preposterous. Whether Rwanda is making an effort to get clean, remains a hard-to-unveil riddle.This week Rwanda has made several international headlines. The most celebrated one being the conclusion of a Rwandan report by an over zeleous Rwandan commission which names former French officials including : the late president Francois Mitterand, and two former prime ministers as genocide accomplices. This development is nothing new. The French and the Tutsi-dominated Rwandan regime have had major differences in the past which culminated in the closure of the French Embassy in Kigali last year. Part of the feud is an arrest warrant issued by a French judge last year accusing Rwanda’s Paul Kagame of deliberately assassinating the former president in an attempt to seize power forcefully. The underlying fact here being that Kagame shares the responsibility having triggered the killings. This is a notion that Rwanda’s regime opposes vehemently and are exhaustedly trying to uproot.The other major news headline was the arrest of 10 people suspected of treason . Other charges they face are possession of illegal flags and seditious writings. The state operated New Times describes the writings as a hand-written letter expressing solidarity with the FDLR leadership.It is reportedly unsigned. They all face life sentences if found guilty.Do this two news-feeds warn the world of a deteriorating dictatorial regime that aims at getting its legitimacy through self pity while inflicting untold pain on its masses?To answer this question we must look critically into the way the commission was organized. All the committee’s members were RPF members. Rwanda’s RPF which has been in power for 14 years only started investigating the death of the country’s former president after both French and Spanish courts threatened to bring some of its senior members too justice for crimes against humanity. With this in mind, the credibility of the commission is left wanting.The second issue that demands our attention is the absence of opposing political parties and a zero tolerance to independent media. This is why the regime has shamelessly gone to the extreme of dictating people’s daily lives-what one should eat, wear and read.Its time for the International community to pressure the Kigali regime for democratic changes. Neglect of human rights is a peril that may lead to such astounding nightmare as genocide. With the approaching september elections, the world should remain vigilant.The occurrences of these two events leads to questions concerning Rwanda’s democratic future. It remains to be seen how willing Rwanda is ready to accept pluralism, respect for human rights and true democracy. In the meantime, witch hunting, political assassinations and arbitrarily arrests Must (and will) continue.

  27. […] But such deliberately incorrect information must remain intact if the RPF must remain in power. Kagame’s cheerleaders also came out to oppose my piece warning Rwandans in exiles to beware, as there are many who will attempt to do to them what was done to Bajinya and others. Apparently […]

  28. I want to know someone who write these information and where he/she found these info.GOD BLESS RWANDA.

    • Hi I write these info. And if you’d like more, please continue to read the blog. Rwanda is troubled, but I am convinced that confrontation with the truth shall bring lasting peace in Rwanda.

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