Shameless Bogus Asylum Seekers and Saboteurs Revealed

A new investigative report has just been released with some very shocking, and vile information that exposes how low the Rwandan government will stoop to silence opposition or perceived threat. This report by independent investigative journalist Keith Harmon Snow is titled, “The Asylum of Extreme Exclusion: How Rwanda Manufactures and Exports Genocide.” Keith Snow exposes very dark and threatening facts and realities for Rwandan refugees and asylum seekers, and how the Rwandan government benefits from perpetuating the false notions of genocide; a real cause for concern. Here is a small excerpt:

Now, an investigation has unvovered a scandal where fake Rwandan asylum seekers infiltrate the United States (U.S.) and United Kingdom (U.K.) and work undercover to hunt down critics and survivors of the Rwandan dictatorship and bring them back to Rwanda. This scandal revolves around networks of informers and agents and it encapsulates all the machinations of the growing industry around “genocide in Rwanda”.

Prejudged by Western human rights organizations, journalists, and mass media, the Rwanda government’s critics and survivors forced to flee for their lives are falsely accused and publicly branded as genocide perpetrators. Shunned as humanity’s lowest criminals, arrested and imprisoned without trial for months or years, legitimate refugees are framed, extradited and neutralized by a government whose top officials have international arrest warrants against them.

Journalists, human rights defenders, businessmen, and ordinary citizens both inside and outside Rwanda are persecuted and neutralized if they deviate from the falsified “victim” and “survivor” ideology used as a political weapon by the military dictatorship of Paul Kagame and his vast network of propagandists, state agents, and foreign backers.

Innocent Rwandan asylum seekers live under perpetual fear of being hunted down, branded as genocide perpetrators, ostracized, and persecuted by the Kagame regime.

Although the report focuses primarily on the U.K. and somewhat the U.S., it’s been reported to be happening all over Europe and Africa. This is a very serious matter and these “bogus asylum seekers” need to be exposed. Not only are they hindering real asylum seekers from attaining refuge, but they are benefiting from U.K. state benefits where they receive housing, medical, and education benefits.

One of the most ironic facts about these “asylum seekers” is how they all work or are somehow connected to high Rwandan officials within U.K and U.S. embassies of Rwanda. Who works for a government s/he is fleeing from? Is it stupidity or arrogance on their part?

Thankfully the report provides names and backgrounds for these heartless criminals. I do plan on elaborating on the report in future posts, but in case you’re wondering, daring, or challenging me to provide these names, I’m happy to oblige.

Know any of these criminals purporting to be asylum seekers?

Tony Kavutse – works for the Rwandan Embassy in the U.K. Works as a secretary on the diplomatic staff.

a long time RPF and RDF soldier and intelligence agent. Kavutse was reportedly born in Uganda.

Dr. Zac Nsenga who became Rwandan ambassador in Washington but had been in charge of hygiene at an RPF camp in Gabiro.

oversaw the suppression of evidence regarding the massacres committed by the RPF.


Nsenga was also Ambassador to Israel (1995-1996) and the U.K. (1998-2001). As the Rwandan Ambassador in the U.S., Zac Nsenga wroked with Paul Kagame adn former U.S. President Bill Clinton to oversee and delineate the Clinton Foundation’s AIDS activities in Rwanda.

What he does in the U.S.?

Nsenga’s role in the U.S. is to spread the official genocide story, hunt down Rwandan critics, sell the establishment narrative on HIV/AIDS involving big pharmaceutical companies, further the business interests of Rwanda, and suppress any political dissent and about the Kagame Regime.

Vivenie Mugunga – now a U.K. citizen, born and raised in burundi, works for Rwandan embassy

Mary Kayitesi Blewitt – believed to be 100% Ugandan, founder of SURF – U.K. based NGO, fund raiser for Kagame Regime

Moses Kenneth Bugingo Rugema – works for U.K. embassy as a receptionist

Linda Bihire – appointed to Rwandan Cabinet as Minister of Infrastructure, born and raised in Uganda and can’t speak native Rwandan language

Joseph Mutaboba – Secretary General of Rwanda’s Ministry of Internal Affairs

Ignatius Mugabo – RPF, one of Kagame’s top intelligence officials. On the management committee of the Rwandan Community Association in the U.K.

Claver Gatete – born and raised in Uganda, and Rwandan Ambassador in London. One of the “masterminds” of RPF strategy.

Again what’s most fascinating is that all these people are Rwandan government agents and perpetrating to be asylum seekers who are fleeing from the Rwandan government, but they all work for the government they are supposedly fleeing from. And they are sabotaging and framing real asylum seekers, and ruing innocent people’s lives, while they are receiving benefits from the countries in which they are supposed refugees. It’s a crying shame, really.

The report provides a lot more detailed information and can be found on this website: for anyone wishing to look deeper into these matter.


The Report has now been published online under two different names, and you can find them both under The Asylum of Extreme Exclusion: How Rwanda Manifactures and Exports Genocide, and The US Sponsored “Rwandan Genocide” and It’s Aftermath.


18 Responses

  1. You describe this as an “investigative report” and yet, one of the basic rules of investigative reporting is violated: we do not hear the voices of the people who are indicted.

    Here’s just one quote out of many: “This Bajinya [frame-up] was 100% set-up by Kigali and Fergal Keane,” says U.K.-Rwandan Patrick Mahoro. “The spies at the Rwanda Embassy in London informed Keane that they want Dr. Vincent and they arranged for Keane to go to Rwanda to interview ‘witnesses’ and come back here to accuse Dr. Bajinya, who all this time did not know anything was happening.” 70

    At the very least, Keane should be allowed to answer the incendiary charge that he was party to a set-up organized by Kigali–an allegation which, if true, would forever destroy his (justly-deserved) reputation as a journalist.

    At the very least, the Rwandan government should be allowed to answer the charges about how it seeks to silence critics.

    By not allowing them to be heard, Snow undermines his own “investigation.” He doesn’t have the confidence in his information to allow it to be challenged.

    I am as critical of Kagame and his methods as anyone. But I am even more critical of the ease with which some bloggers blithely abandon the principles of fair and independent journalism–including the right for the accused to speak in his or her defence himself against serious charges.

    Keith and I have discussed this before, and I can anticipate his response: that I am reflexively coming to the aid of a fellow journalist, and that some stories, like what is happening in post-genocide Rwanda, require extraordinary “reporting” strategies.


    When all is said and down, Keith is simply playing a disreputable old Fleet Street game of nudge-nudge- wink-wink: Some stories are just too “good” to check out, because the facts get in the way of the fantasy.

  2. Hmm, that’s an interesting perspective. However, I think Keith Snow did a phenomenally wonderful job, and I for one am grateful for his courage and ability to put himself in a socially dangerous position in order to report an “unpopular” fact in social discourse.

    I think Kagame (et al), and Keane both have enough space and forum to spread their ideologies and agenda. The best thing about Keith Snow’s report is how it gives voice to a disporpotionately ignored and suppressed group of people.

    I would support your argument if both sides were leveraged and had the same access to large media outlets and received relatively proportional amounts of attention. However that’s not the case.

    If you’re referring to my blog as one of those that “abandon the principles of fair and independent journalism” I would recommend you read my about section.

    This is not a “let kagame and his sympathizers and apologists continue to spread the propaganda.” They have enough forums to do that, and this place is not one of them. Not to say that I don’t allow opinions of a different perspective, because I do and actually welcome them, as long as they are rational and constructive and not simply a waste of time. However, this space is primarily for the voiceless and for setting straight the distorted historical record for those who may doubt but are open to learning. As you look through my posts, you’ll notice that I provide a lot sources, and links etc.

    Also on the Bajinya aspect, when Bajinya (et al) is known in his community with solid alibis and witnesses against him also well known and he is still found guilty of having taken part in a genocide that’s set up to protect a section of the perpetrators, there is a huge problem, and in that case, for Snow’s reporting, Kean doesn’t need to be “heard” he’s already voiced his case. And neither do the Kagames.

    Again, it says to me a lot about Keith’s character not as lacking confidence (which he may).

  3. Sorry sunkissed, but this is what gives blogs a bad name. Whether Keane has “enough space and forums” to disseminate his work, or not, is not the issue. The issue is fairness. Is it fair to slander a professional journalist without offering him a chance to rebut, or at least, respond to the charges? Especially when you give so much space to his detractors. It’s elementary.

    It’s not only fair, it’s also smart. Keith’s case would be far more convincing if he took the time, and did the work, to provide balance. Without it, this is simply polemics, and shrivels under the light of day.

  4. Again, I disagree. The genocide period did not happen in Rwanda exclusively the way it’s been reported in large media outlets (who often leave out the concurrent war and political instability). That’s a fact, not an opinion, perception, or wishful thinking. It’s been set up from the beginning. There is enough research and evidence and testimonies with actual evidence to support this, which goes largely ignored.

    Now if you want me to open my blog up for the people who will continue to advance the thinking that there was a genocide by extreme Hutus against Tutsis and moderate Hutus, deliberately excluding the rpf’s role in the matter, then I’m not going to do that when I know that there is information to the contrary. That would be compromising the truth and allowing the lies to continue to appease people who make a living off of other innocent people’s blood.

    Again I’m not doing that.

    What Kean did to Bajinya was not fair, nor was it just. Nothing wrong with exposing discrepancies in his reporting. And there is disproportionate imbalance and inherent inequalities in the reporting already, therefore, Keith’s story is reaching to try and create balance. Keith seems to be one of the few who actually sees the inequality and tries to balance things.

  5. Snow writes of the so-called “genocide fax”:

    ” . . . there was no fax sent by General Romeo Dallaire, and the “genocide fax” was a fabricated document meant to divert attention and mislead—and to fill in the gaping hole of a complete absence of documentary proof of planning of a genocide in the official ‘planned genocide’ theory. . . . ”

    In denying the existence of the genocide fax, Snow is effectively calling Romeo Dallaire a liar and co-conspirator. In pp 145-147 of his book “Skake Hands with the Devil” Dallaire goes into great detail about the cable he sent to New York, alerting his UN superiors to the information he had received about four shipments of weapons transferred from the army to the Interahamwe militia–weapons to be used for a large scale massacre of Tutsis and moderate Hutus.

    Snow is careful in his language about Dallaire. He never makes a direct accusation. Is this because he knows that Dallaire is widely regarded as the one man with clean hands and a clean conscience in the period of the genocide, and later? Then why not allow Dallaire a chance to answer the implication that he is party to a monstrous hoax?

  6. It seems to me that you’re the one reaching now. If the “genocide fax” has been proven to be a fraud and a fabrication, wouldn’t that make Dallaire “a liar and co-conspirator”? Would it then make Snow wrong in calling him such and asserting the allegations? No. It wouldn’t. If the shoe fits? I was going to post from an article written by Chris Black, but I’m not, you can read it here to see why the fax has been proved to be a fraud.

    And tell me how silly because I can’t think of any other way to describe it, that the fate and judgment for a population rests solely on ONE fax, as opposed to innumerable and overwhelming evidence for conviction of crimes for which they are being accused. ONE fax? It’s not only silly, it’s disrespectful, and actually pretty arrogant. There is NOTHING ELSE, except that darn Dallaire fax. Unbelievable. That’s what you should be calling elementary.

    What fair and balanced reporting did Dallaire provide the Rwandan people? He has a book, and a movie, and in both he has failed to address the accusations. Why hasn’t he done so? They were out before Snow released this report, why expect Keith to abide by a standard that people who have access to larger and probably more influential media aren’t held to? To be forgiving, and to go easy on people who shamelessly make a living from the death of innocent people? That’s outrageous, and especially coming from a person who supports “balanced independent journalism.”

    Why hasn’t Dallaire taken the initiative to address the allegations? The world holds him in high regard and they will readily listen. And if he were to address the allegations, do you honestly think he would come out and say he conspired with the RPF to assassinate two African presidents? Because the fabricated fax isn’t the only issue at play here. You really think so?

  7. Hello

    These posts by Clawman are rather remarkable, and really discredit Clawman and not me.

    However: Was I unclear?

    Not only is Romeo Dallaire a liar, he is also an agent of the RPF. No wonder he went “mad” on that park bench in Canada.

    I have previously made a direct accusation against Dallaire in my HOTEL RWANDA I believe.

    Obviously, Clawman, you have invested your consciousness in reading the propaganda SHAKE HANDS WITH THE DEVIL and, I imagine, given your spirited defense of Philip Gourevitch, that you also read his fiction (acclaimed as nonfiction) WE WISH TO INFORM YOU THAT TOMORROW WE WILL BE KILLED WITH OUR FAMILIES.

    Is this your version of journalism? To consume total nonsense and use it as a basis for fact and understanding of complex and deelpy manipulated events?

    This is information warfare and you are clearly a victim (and have participated in it as you do here).

    Clawman, I WISH TO INFORM YOU THAT YOU HAVE BEEN DEEPLY LIED TO — and now your defense is out of the fear of that.

    One does not like to admit they have been deeply deceived.

    You call me unbalanced and not giving Keane the chance to respond etc. Please.

    Look at Keane’s attacks against Dr. Vincent Bajinya. There is nothing fair about it. It is complete white supremacy and yet you call him a “professional journalist.”

    Obviously, in your reading of the hierarchies of power a white man from England with a badge of privilege (his whiteness and the institutions behind him) has a special license to ruin the lives of innocent (black) men.

    And don’t say that you are as critical of Paul Kagame as anyone because it’s not apparent.

    I invite anyone to get Dallaire and these other liars together for a debate in public. I will happily give them the chance to defend their propaganda — before shredding it with the obvious contradictions.

    To say that you and I “have had discussions” about some of this as you do above is wrong. Are you Claude Adams? We discussed ethics but never the point you complain about.

    To be clear: General Romeo Dallaire is hiding an awful lot, and he was , in my reading of events, as limited by my own whiteness as they are, an accomplice in genocide.

    Do your homework. You’ve eaten so much poison that likely their is no hope for you. But other people (readers and thinkers) beware.

    The rabbit hole runs deep. Clawman, you need to take the red pill. Obviously, you took the blue one (back to sleep in la la land).

    Now someone organize that public venue and we’ll have a spirited debate indeed.

    Who is CLAWMAN? I like to know who I’m talking to. Obvioulsy there is an issue here about courage indeed.

    keith harmon snow

  8. Keith, Clawman is indeed the person you think it is.

    As for Dallaire, Keane, et al, I admit I don’t have all the facts, and I cannot assume motives behind what they say and write.. But what I can say is that, without incontrovertible evidence, I cannot call a man a fraud, a liar, a conspirator and an accomplice to murder. I cannot do this as a journalist, and I cannot do it as a human being who believes in the basic civilities. And very little I have read, from you, or Chris Black, of the other commentators, is incontrovertible.

    It is easy to shred a person’s career with innuendo, invective, hearsay and artfully constructed circumstantial “evidence.” It is not to easy to build a case that will hold up in a court of law. And I have not yet reached the point of cynicism to believe that our legal system is so corrupted that it is incapable of dealing fairly with evidence. Some may feel that way. I don’t.

    Finally, to assume to know what it is that drove Romeo Dallaire to alcoholism and to the brink of suicide on that “park bench in Canada, as you do, strikes me as the height of cruel presumptuousness, and an affront to decency. I use these words deliberately. You may have a theory, but I don’t believe you have the ability to read a man’s soul.

  9. Mr or Ms. Clawman,

    I also have to agree with Keith Harmon Snow and Sunkissed on their version of who Romeo Dallair is. I am a survivor of the Rwandan conflict. You can deny it all you want, but I WISH TO INFORM YOU THAT THE RPF AND ROMEO DALLAIRE HAVE A LOT OF RWANDAN AND AFRICAN BLOOD ON THEIR HANDS AND ARE COVERING THINGS UP.

    I know the truth hurts, I have witnessed the RPF Tutsi soldiers hack my neighbors to death. I know many people who have seen such. This is before, during, and after 1994. The beautiful thing about this day and age as opposed to the 1990’s, we are able to come to blogs and at least tell the truth about what really happened in Rwanda as opposed to swallowing the poison fed to us by the many media outlets out there. If you are a journalist, you would best start researching what you talk about before you also lose your reputation along with Dallaire and Keane when the truth is finally acknowledged. Reading books full of propaganda and dismissing opposing reports (deliberately or not) might also lead to suicide (Dallaire).

    Dallaire can’t be feeling good in his own skin knowing how many lives were lost as a result of him being an agent of the RPF.

    It is absolutely true that Dallaire made rounds around Kigali. It’s also true that the RPF by “pure coincidence” would bomb areas recently toured by Dallaire and flush out the people by bombing them and then moving in. The population that they were supposed to save was getting in the way of their military advance and seizure of the country as that was their goal. My hope as a Rwandan is that you will research the truth and acknowledge it in your journalism.

  10. Clawman,

    Are you not at all concerned or at least moved by the fact that Bajinya’s whole life was ruined based on fabricated evidence? You seem so eager to come to Kean and Dallaire’s defense, but it doesn’t appear as though you even consider Bajinya’s role in this whole matter. Why is that may I ask? What justice did he receive? What balance?

    I find it telling that you are so quick to attack Keith Snow’s reporting, without even acknowledging the injustice he is reporting. So you have a problem with Snow saying that Kean worked with the RPF, but what about the phony witnesses? What about the fact that they work for the Rwandan Embassy but are claiming to be refugees fleeing from Rwanda?

    Are you also such a victim of the RPF propaganda that you are so quick to condemn Bajinya just because a BBC journalist is behind the allegations? Since you’re so concerned about the reputation of journalists’ careers, what do you take of an average innocent African man’s life ruined for the sake of a good story?

    Where are you not getting enough evidence to convince you? Many of these things are not just a matter of opinions, they are facts, distorted yes, to make you doubt and perceive them as opinions. That’s the power of propaganda.

  11. Let me just put all my “biases” out on the table, and conclude my participation in this thread: I am professionally familiar with the BBC’s journalistic standards of verification and sourcing, as I am with Fergal Keane’s own reporting standards.

    I am not as familiar with Keith Snow’s standards ; based on what I read of his work, I am not as confident in the rigor of his verification (i.e. corroboration of information with a variety of sources.)

    Thus, I don’t accept at face value, as you do, that the evidence against Bajinya is “fabricated” and that Keane would report “fabricated” evidence. Nor do I accept, at face value, the allegation that Gen. Romeo Dallaire, whom I have also met, is a liar and an “accomplice to genocide.” That’s based on my estimation of the man, and the opinions of a variety of people who know him and have served with him, and his own writing.

    How else do we navigate in this world, if not by the conclusions we draw from things we see, hear, read. You can, of course, choose to believe that I am parroting propaganda and perpetuating the “Big Lie,”, etc, and that’s your prerogative. But after nearly 40 years as a journalist and a teacher on four continents, I don’t feel I need lessons from anyone about how to distinguish between the true and the not-so-true.

    Anyway, thanks for providing me with a forum to air some of this stuff . . .

  12. Hello

    If Dallaire were an honest man he would come clean and say, well, I did this and it was wrong. The evidence of Dallaire’s collusion appears to exist for those who seek to find it . And as for the park bench, my compassion stops with someone who continues to proceed with such arrogance and fascism – the only word that fits — after the fact. In other words, read the trial documents where Dallaire had a Canadian military officer coaching him on what to say in one of the more recent ICTR trials where he was a “witness” — but would only do so from a sequestered room by video conference — with military officials behind him in Canada. Millions have died and millions more suffer and Dallaire is now part of the huge SAVE DARFUR and GENOCIDE INTERVENTION NETWORK fraud. Indeed, my work is for the true victims and in that Dallaire is a perpetrator — and an intractable, unapologetic one — who I have little patience for. he helped make it possible to shoot down the presidential plane. That’s inexcusable, and better that he went from Park Bench to asylum where he belongs. However, he went in the opposite direction and has become an even uglier monster.

    keith harmon snow

  13. Hey Clawman,

    I appreciate your honest feedback. And I just wish/hope you would/will apply the same scrutiny to the others as you do to Mr. Snow.

  14. Also clawman, I’m sure you’re aware, but just in case you’re not, Keith Snow is not the only person writing on this subject from this perspective. There is a lot of information in French, but for English, I highly recommend Robin Philpot, Andrew Marshall, Wayne Madsen, Chris Black, Peter Erlinder and myself 😀 8) .

  15. Apparently I don’t know what really matters in regards to important issues pertaining to the Congo (DRC). This is currently headline news on both MSN and Yahoo- At least 79 die as plane crashes into Congo residential area.

    Silly me, I thought the fact that 5 and half million people have died in a war fueled by other nations thirst for cheap mineral resources is what should be headline news.

  16. That should go up as a red flag that sometimes in these “reputable” and accomplished media outlets have other agendas and it’s not beyond them to ignore a larger problem for the sake of a story. Do they REALLY not know that there are millions of Congolese people dying?

  17. […] Ruin Your Life Posted on April 15, 2008 by sunkissed The title of this thread came out of recent discussions and reflections from the newly released Keith Harmon Snow report about bogus asylum seekers and the […]

  18. […] And Keith Harmon Snow exposed a network of Rwandan intelligence and other officers whose sole purpos… Snow followed the story of one Bajinya whose life was ruined by the Rwandan intelligence purporting to be refugees in some cases, and embassy workers in others who framed and “exposed” an innocent man of having committed “genocide crimes” in 1994. A chilling report that would leave anyone outraged at the unfortunate miscarriage of justice. Who is publicly humiliating Kagame the initiator of all crimes that have span from the 1990 invasion of Rwanda to today’s millions of deaths in the Congo? […]

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