How Did Kagame Manage to Successfully Spread Propaganda?

Many people question the idea that most of what they know about Rwanda is pure propaganda, until they read the overwhelming evidence that gives a balanced picture in regards to what happened in the 90s in Rwanda.

However, even then, some wonder how the RPF could have successfully managed to get most of the world’s support, and how they could have managed to spread their propaganda so widely. And there are a few ways.

This wonderful article concisely articulates how the propaganda managed to be spread and accepted. Here are key things that needed to happen in order for Kagame to get the world to believe his propaganda:

  • criminalized the [former] Rwandan government,
  • justified the RPF and American refusal to negotiate terms with “criminals” [in other words, the former government],
  • prevented the government from obtaining support and assistance from its major western ally, France,
  • destroyed any support it had in the international community and public opinion, and finally,
  • justified the brutal RPF military dictatorship over the people of Rwanda and the refusal to allow Hutus any power in Rwanda.

It’s important to also remember that some of the books that were released came from accomplices of the RPF. An unfortunate occurance. More on this later.

Anyway, something to ponder about. Don’t fall victim to the propaganda of criminalizing all hutus. Or anyone who speaks up against the current Rwandan government, whether they are Rwandan or not. The sooner the injustice ends, the faster Rwandan people can move on and the real criminals who walk around with impunity can be put behind bars where they belong.


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