Question for those Spanish and French Judges Re:Rwanda

Why indict those who stopped the Rwandan genocide instead of those who committed it?

Many people wonder. And since it’s the period around the 14th anniversary of the Rwandan Genocide, then these questions are valid and fair and reflect the mood of those trying to get past the atrocities and build sustainable relationships. Those asking that question though, are either ignorant of the true nature of the Rwandan war, or are sympathizers who are deflecting from the Rwandan Government’s crimes.

The short answer to the question is that the French and Spanish aren’t indicting those who stopped the genocide, but those who initiated and took an active part in it, but who have some how and are still benefiting from it. In fact, the genocide hasn’t stopped. But we’re led to believe that it has because Hutus are now dying.

These ideas are shocking to many.  But they’re the bottom line. As many people reflect on the events that occured while the world watched, some helplessly, others aggressively controlling and aiding the turn of events, many questions should be asked regarding the matter. Instead of jumping on the “let’s call them negationist” bandwagon, why don’t we answer the following questions instead, to get a better and holistic view of the situation?

Here are some other questions that should be asked:

  • What led kagame to start his “liberation war” in 1990 against Rwanda, a peaceful nation, and where did he get military weapons to wedge a four year war?
  • Who shot President Habyarimana’s Plane down, thereby assassinating two presidents?
  • Why are there still mysterious disappearances of large numbers of people in Rwanda today? Both in the general population and those incarcerated?
  • Why are there still mysterious deaths of refugees in exile of the Hutu ethnic group?
  • Why are Tutsi Rebels terrorizing Congolese citizens, specifically women and Rwandese Refugees and instead of being brought to justice, their crimes are being blamed on Hutu Refugees?
  • How many more supposed “genocidaires” are still at large? Can a final list be released? Each year new lists are being created arbitrarily with random names at the Rwandan Government’s will.
  • Why has it taken so long for the Rwandan government to become indicted?
  • When will “the media” start reporting on these things?

The answers to these questions pretty much answer why the Spanish and French Judges indicted members of the current Rwandan government, and why unilateral support of it does a disservice to bringing justice, healing, and reconciliation in Rwanda. All criminals deserve to be brought under justice, not just the stigmatized and powerless.

One Response

  1. The answer to your last question is that the media ARE reporting on those things–mostly in Europe, and on some blogs.

    For example:

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