Trolls Come Out To Defend Kagame, But Fail Miserably

I’ve seen other sites/blogs label them trolls, you know, those personalities who bombard your blog with utter none sense without any desire or intent to hold an actual conversation or discussion? Well guess what? I have one too. And s/he is very persistent. As of now, I have no intention of banning the troll, because part of me is amused and entertained by it. And when in a drought, it gives me something to blog about.

This particular troll happens to be a Kagame sympathizer. Nothing wrong there, except that it doesn’t seem to be able to hold a conversation. When challenged, instead of providing its side of the discussion, it resorts to the same typical defenses that are often used to silence those wanting to see KR (Kagame Regime) brought to justice. You know, calling people genocidaires, or informing them that they are not Rwandans therefore, irrelevant.

Don’t worry, I have examples! Now, here is a troll that was given a perfect opportunity to defend itself and Kagame or to provide an alternative view, and instead of doing so, it does this instead:

Just tell me where you are from, in case I am in a shameful exchange with a genocidaire.

Hey Smartnot, why even bother starting the discussion to begin with, if you fear a “shameful exchange with a genocidaire?” And I’ve said this before, some of these trolls are so quick to point out a potential genocidaire, but there is no real way for us to know if they themselves aren’t genocidaires. It went on to say,

In fact, you’d be happier if every day were Machete Maniacs Day!

No I know this troll is just playing dumb. I know it has been reading my blog, and it knows I desire justice for both sides, but here it is, projecting. I’m really hoping wherever it is, it doesn’t hold any kind of position of power with the type of thinking it has exhibited on this blog. I shudder at the thought of what it might do.

But it didn’t stop there.

What we need to stop like yesterday is this stinking rubbish that you spew on these innocent Internet pages, where you heap abuse on our leader as if we need some skunk from nowhere to tell us what is good for us.

Your blog stinks, go and kiss your stinking sun and leave Rwandans and their Rwanda alone. (bolding mine)

I’m guessing this troll would like me to “leave Rwanda and Rwandans alone” so that everyday can be “Machete Maniacs Day.”

It’s too bad it’s protest is in vain. Because KR will be brought to Justice for all the crimes they committed. And these trolls really need to come out with new material. And if nothing else, at least a rational argument and a constructive additive to the discussion. Unfortunately, I am hoping for too much.

After all, it’s not like they care whether Kagame is innocent or not, but rather, how he can continue to commit murder and genocide with the world’s full undivided support.

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