Kagame Found Innocent of War and Genocide Crimes

So this comes as a HUGE surprise for me. So I’ve been privy to insider information collected by an independant research team, I just got through reading all of the evidence and the articles, and the plethora of information that I had been missing out and I am still flabbergasted.

The overwhelming truth seems to be that yeah, there are a few people within his camp who were found guilty, but their crimes really are minimal compared to the amount of unsurmountable crimes committed by the devil incarnate Hutu genocidaires. After reading all the information, and no way can I be left a non-believer.

Since I’m committed to truth, reconciliation, social justice, and historical accuracy, when I’m wrong, I’m wrong, and I will admit it. And it seems all the hard work I’ve done and dedicated to my research, and even this blog just amounts to nothingness. It’s definitely a blow, however, facts do speak for themselves, and I admit defeat. Don’t be surprised with the changing course of my blog.

I hope you will continue to read and follow, and become educated, as I will not hold back on any information I discover concerning Rwanda and the Rwandan genocide.

The research team has put together a comprehensive website with links and great information that will leave everyone enlightened on the matter, and so without having to post all of it, please read all the information and evidence by following this link.

7 Responses

  1. Found innocent because of lack of evidence… courts need hard evidence to convict. I am pretty sure Kagame is guilty, but he was certainly lucky this time.

  2. Hi Daniel, did you follow the link of information I provided? If not you should. Because, it explains everything. 😉

  3. How many times did I tell you you were being duped by genicide-deniers?

    Yet you wouldn’t listen, despite my telling you that I am a Rwandan who was there throughout the events, and can give an objective opinion.

    Maybe now you can start seeing the truth as it is, and start reporting it on your blog.


  4. hahaha!!! even kagame himself couldn’t dream of a day when he will be found innocent of war crimes and genocide. he is guilty, and that post was a JOKE!!! April Fools!!!!!!! It’s a day for lying and practical jokes and such!!!

    But you know what, I’m interested to discuss with you. You seem persistent.

    Please do tell me what in your perspective happened in rwanda that led to the events of 1994 and following? And being that you were there, I am expecting a better insight than the media propaganda. As concisely as you can write about it.

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  6. Sunwhatever!

    I admit you fooled me. I am desperately trying to find our leader innocent with no luck. Please accept my apology for my shameful exchange. I thought you might had found the non-existent evidence that he is innocent.


  7. So…in other words, you have nothing to say?

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