Is Obama Associating With Racists?

Short answer is no.

It seems that many people have issues with Reverend Wright, and are eager to accuse him of racism, despite the context under which his comments were made (read: comments not racist but incendiary), and his background. But more than that, they have a problem with Barack Obama associating with Wright and are personally offended that Barack refuses to throw him under the bus.

Here is the video that in short explain how not racist Rev Wright is, regardless of agreement with his words and sentiments:

Ironically, even if Obama were to throw Wright under the bus because he believes it’s the right thing to do, or simply for votes, they still wouldn’t vote for him. As a presidential hopeful he should be subjected to strict scrutiny. But some insist on reaching for the imaginary trying to discredit, undermine, and hopefully catch Barack Obama red handed.

It’s unfortunate for Hillary because she’s actually racist herself but luckily for her…she never means it.

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