Propagandists Take a Break Others Speak Up

Well, not exactly.

On March 29th in Montreal, there will be a conference where a group of anti-propaganda expositionists will discuss “The Media and Rwanda: The Difficult Search for the Truth.” Among the featured panelists are French author-journalist Mr. Pierre Pean (Black Furies, White Liars), Spanish lawyer Mr. Jordi Palou-Loverdos, Belgian journalist Mr. Peter Verlinden and Canadian author Mr. Robin Philpot (Rwanda 1994: Colonialism Dies Hard).

It comes as no surprise that the Rwanda government is protesting this conference, and calling panelists negationists. In the tradition of promoting propaganda and distorting truth, this conference and similar happenings and events are being labeled “a form of hate and racism.” As opposed to a “ligitimate historical debate”

Hate? Racism? Anything to suppress the truth eh guys? Is it racist and hateful because they will not be discussing ways to exterminate all Hutus? Or the fact that they plan to elucidate on your involvement in the genocide? They are really going out of their way to make sure this and other similar events don’t receive the attention they need. So much so that,

government in Rwanda put up National Anti-Genocide Commission that is planned to campaign globally against any such future occurrences.

Try as they might, they can’t hide the future forever, no matter how much they try to rewrite Rwandan history.

Well anyway, if you are in the area, and you get a chance to attend, do let us know about it, and the great knowledge that will get “dropped.” While the propagandists will not take a break, others will most definitely still speak up.

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