Oh the Insolence: Barack and Michelle!


I don’t know how I got into this, but I seem to do this a lot. I often leave innocent comments, thinking I’m just a passer-by whose comments will go unnoticed without really realizing how inciting my comments are. And turns out, this time, they most definitely were. Here we were talking about Barack Obama, Michelle and her senior thesis at Princeton about racism at Princeton, and Barack’s “cultural garb” and how his African and family pride coupled with his wife’s racially divisive thesis cannot possibly be good for a possible future American president and first lady (so the other person argued)…when all of the sudden I’m asked to to prove that a White supremacist organization is racist because they are not seemingly using their social privilege to oppress others, since I’m supposing, they don’t use racial epithets, or explicitly (on the website) instruct their members to kill any non-Aryans, so as to preserve their racially superior kind.

Aside from the fact that when I looked on the website it does promote violence against non-Aryans by instructing members to do,

whatever is necessary to achieve this White space and keep it white, (emphasis mine)

How about we examine the real issue here. There is nothing inherently wrong with being proud of one’s culture and background. Let’s face it, few “groups” are free from violent acts in their pasts. Nobody is perfect. And Barack’s African clothing are in no way shape or form divisive. His mind, heart, and soul are in America. His primary interests (just like Michelle I presume) are for America. So he dressed in traditional clothing, SO WHAT?

The problem comes in when one group starts inciting hate, and violence against another group, based on imaginary or perceived superiority of arbitrary adapted or inherent factors within that group such as…oh let’s say…blue eyes. Such that, “we will exterminate any non-blue eyed person” and “it helps a lot since most people believe blue eyes are superior anyway.” <—That’s social privilege.

Anyway, let’s get back to Barack and Michelle, and their insolence at somehow being proud of their backgrounds, and recognizing the social context in which they exist. Are they wrong? Should Barack disown his muslim brother and apologize for dressing in traditional African clothing when he went to Africa or apologize for having African family period? Should Michelle apologize for talking about racism at Princeton, even though mind you, they graciously let her, a Black person, attend a predominantly white university? Shouldn’t she be grateful instead of hate mongering?

Hahaha, so you know I’m joking. But really, what would make Barack and Michelle more acceptable to the “Whites” (not all whites by the way) who are threatened by the fact that he wore traditional clothing (because I haven’t heard anyone else complain about it), so that THEY feel comfortable enough to “allow” him to be president and her, first lady?

Would he be more acceptable if he took annual trips to Germany and the Netherlands for vacation, attended the opera, and Michelle had done her senior thesis on the superiority of ballet among all other dance forms? Maybe…but wouldn’t their skin be still kind of ummm…BROWN? That’s the real issue there isn’t it? But let’s not point out the obvious but try by any means to find the slightest “issue” to discredit them with. The nerve of them!

I say, way to be proud of your roots Barack and Michelle. I ain’t mad at ya.

One Response

  1. you can’t have a black man running for president and not have to talk about race. it’s been on most people’s mind, and as much as obama tries to avoid that discussion, it’s gonna find it’s way out some how, and this is the way it’s coming out. maybe even being black makes him less american (read: white). unfortunate.

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