Weapons of Mass Destruction, Acts of Genocide (Bush and Kagame)

Ok, wtf? Is it just me? Or is there something seriously wrong with George Bush taking a vacation trip to Rwanda and praising its president for model behavior AFTER he was just indicted for war crimes and acts of genocide along with 40 members of his military personnel and other high ranking officials? Seriously what’s up with that? It’s not the first time this stuff has come up either, wasn’t Kagame indicted by French Judge Bruguiere just in 2006?

I’m supposing Bush doesn’t much care about the United States’ international reputation, but can he not do ANYTHING right before he leaves office?

I guess the answer lies in a simple anology on how Bush thinks about or doesn’t think about these things:

Weapons of mass destruction are to Iraq (even if there are none found there!)


Kagame and members of his staff are innocent of war crimes (even if they’ve been indicted by two independent nations!)

Bush and Kagame = Birds of a feather?

And I guess it looks good for the USA, for now at least…until the people find out what actually happened. Forget about Bush, I wonder what’s going to happen to Billary’s run for presidency!

2 Responses

  1. Who are these two inconsequential criminals, and who cares about them?

    Rwandans know best what happened in Rwanda and we do care about what these wonderful foreign judges, are doing to come to our aid.

    Genocide deniers, whatever methods they use, are criminals and should be tried at the Hague or anywhere else for that matter.

  2. Hey sis,

    These two criminals (kagame and bush) are not inconsequential. But I appreciate your message, and Kagame and his camp should be jailed right now or something.

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