On Genocide Negationists!

Ok, I hope to address this issue much better(articulate I mean) and more in depth, but for now, I just want to make a quick clarification. If anyone dares to bring the issue of Hutus and Tutsis dying during the “Rwandan Genocide” at the hands of the RPF (Tutsi rebels), and actually holds the RPF responsible for THEIR part of the criminal acts in the whole thing, then those people are genocide deniers, or negationists.

It’s actually a pretty backwards label if you think about it. Especially when you consider the fact that the RPF are the ones who continually deny genocide against the Hutus and the Congolese starting in 1990. So what the lives of those people don’t matter?

It’s one thing if it’s coming from “well doers” who actually don’t know the whole story. But for it to come from these “well knowing” criminals? Hell naw.

Aren’t all people created equal? Aren’t human lives supposed to be valued equally? How many more Hutus, and Congolese must die, before it’s considered a genocide against them? Who are the real negationists here?

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  1. The real negationists? Kagame, for one!

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