Just for FUN!!

So…I should probably let this go, but what the hell? I respectfully accept not to post my comments to that blog, as I had refrained from doing after realizing the discussion wasn’t going anywhere. But it appeared to me THEY wanted to continue, so I obliged.

Truthfully speaking, I actually don’t and haven’t read that blog, so I don’t know anything about its content other than the single post I responded to.

And besides that, since I only have “3 sad posts,” I would like to upgrade to “3 sad posts and 1 happy one.” I think that will legitimize my comment posting, no?

I am actually amused by the whole thing, and specifically by the intellectually challenged she-male “diva” who displayed her superior stupidity by not actually providing material to counter points I was making, but to ASSume and hypothesize things about my background. On one hand I think she was trying to discredit what I was saying perhaps by pointing out why my position on the matter would be illegitimate based on my background, OR she was just posting to be noticed. I don’t know.

Either way, I gathered from what she posted that she is an individual who struggles to process and understand complex ideas and thoughts, which is why she resolved to picking on my French spelling out of frustration from trying to think. I laughed out loud both times she posted, and I’m secretly hoping she’s a comedian who was actually making funnies instead of being serious.

Now on to “M” as referred to by “diva”. I really can’t understand why s/he didn’t think laughing in Spanish was funny. I thought it was hilarious. And so do these people right here.

The only thing offensive about what s/he said was the fact that Spain wasn’t included in the list of people dismissed by him/her. Why was Spain exempt? Spain is the whole reason we got in this discussion to begin with! Come on, give me Spain, make us seven!

All in all, it didn’t have to “go there” and get to this point. I just find it intellectually lazy to post things not expect to be challenged, and when pressed to THINK about what you’re posting, you resort to name calling and deflection especially when you allow unmoderated commentary.

Thanks for playing guys, it was fun. Wish we could continue. 🙂

2 Responses

  1. Verry funny. okayyyy…you get Spain..That’s seven…
    (I swear the spanish joke was not funny, and god knows I laugh at everything, but that was corny).

    I agree it didnt have to go there. I got heated, Im opinionated, what else can I say? The reason why the discussion was not going anywhere is not because I refuse criticism (I do, otherwise I wouldnt be blogging or even allow for unmoderated comments), it’s more that your assumption that more hutus were killed is so preposterous, that we couldn’t go anywhere from there. And your blog is very one sided as well. It’s all about “Hutus were the victims”, which I do not hold true AT ALL. This is the first time Ive ever even heard about this.

    Another reason why the discussion was impossible is because you seem to have missed the whole point of my post and dove right for your favorite argument.

    What I was saying, is that of course Hutus were killed, but not nearly in the same proportions as Tutsis. And your 2-1 argument I even find insulting. You just sound like your blog has one agenda, one misinformed one: diffuse that idea. no need to dwell on that, I don’t pretend to hold the whole truth, but …

    Anyhow, I dont think we should continue, though I admit it was fun. We can’t redo the world in one day… so let’s keep blogging.

    M. (a She)

    Come on! Dont pick on the Diva… and the link to those who found it amusing asks for login info… (Im kinda anti facebook)

  2. Ok, I do think it’s amusing, and I bet our discussion can grow from this and I get that we can be mature about it and move forward. You also seem open minded enough to discuss the issue for real for real.

    It’s obvious we fundamentally disagree on the topic which I post most about, and that’s okay with me. My blog addresses a side of the story not widely heard in large media outlets, an unfortunate occurrence for those who care about historical accuracy, social justice, and peace and reconciliation. If it seems one sided, that’s because it is.

    I understand if you find it insulting, but when you finally (if you ever do) realize how the information has been distorted, you may find yourself even more offended at how people could have let it get this far and why people were lied to, and misled, and all that good stuff.

    It’s not so much that Hutu’s were THE victims. Both Hutus and Tutsi were victims both at the hands of extremist Hutus and TUTSIs. A notion that people struggle to come to terms with due to propaganda. And I am not referring to the “moderate” label that those who were caught up in the crossfire have been given. It’s much more than that, much more complex than that, and it will take time for the world to come to terms with it.

    Anyway, glad we can continue a REAL discussion. And no I won’t pick on Diva anymore.

    Um..if you don’t have facebook, just get a friend’s login or something. It’s a group of people who like to laugh in Spanish. LOL. That’s all.

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