So, the government of Rwanda is rejecting arrest warrants recently issued by a Spanish judge and are actually calling to other nations to ignore the indictments. Not sure I expected anything less, and this is hardly anything, I’m just waiting to see how far they will take it. I mean, how many times do you have to be indicted to accept that you’ve been discovered and cornered? They are actually calling these new arrest warrants “bogus and ridiculous indictments.” Apparently they claim that,

The so-called judicial file is full of hate and racist language, genocide denial and absolute falsehoods,

Are six million people not enough? Since the majority of RPF victims are not Tutsi but a diverse group of Rwandans and Congolese people then it’s not genocide?

Or is it because they’re indicting YOU for crimes against humanity and acts of genocide that you’re denying genocide? What kind of sense does that make?

In other words, they should throw out all the evidence, and stop “policing” you so that you can continue committing crimes which you’ve been committing, and crimes for which you’re being indicted? And allow more and more refugees and Congolese civilians to be butchered?

Ummm…how about no?

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  1. You know it’s only a matter of time until the Rwandan issue is seen for what it is. And what a sad day it will be for all the criminals involved, including the current Rwandan government, army and their officials. I for one can’t wait for that day.

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