Congress Woman Cynthia Mckinney on Justice in Rwanda

A message from Congress Woman Cynthia Mckinney:

On Monday night, I spoke at the State University of New York at New Paltz on the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. In that speech I warned the students and members of the community present that everything our young children are taught today about the murder of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. is a lie. And that it is a lie, purposefully told, to hide from view and justice, the real culprits. I went back to the December 1999 trial testimony of Bill Schapp who testified about the lies willingly printed by the most prestigious news houses of the day, including the New York Times, to destroy the reputation and effectiveness of Dr. King. I told the audience that for five long years, Dr. King endured the most treacherous treatment at the hands of the corporate press and that this treatment was even extended to his widow, Coretta, particularly by the Atlanta Constitution, after Dr. King was murdered. I warned the audience that it is clear that the malevolent intentions of the government are too often combined with the corporate press to deny the truth from the American people and the global community. So it was with Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and so it is with what the world now knows as the Rwanda Genocide. I have only asked for the truth to be told and justice to follow.

While in Congress, I was involved in truth-seeking in the role of the United States government and the United Nations in what the world knows as the Rwanda Genocide. Outraged by what I learned, I agreed to testify in court in Spain on behalf of the truth. Today, I learned that that participation and that search for truth was worth it. Forty members of the Rwandan Army have been indicted for genocide. And the judge found that the current President of Rwanda, Paul Kagame, was complicit–although he enjoys immunity as a sitting Head of State.

She also notes that,

the truth is not always what is presented to us. While it is increasingly difficult to find justice in U.S. courts, this is the second time within recent memory that Spanish courts have stepped up to give the world justice.

She also gives the CNN article story highlights, with certain facts that keep coming up, but that most people choose to ignore or find incredulous, but true nonetheless.

  • A Spanish judge has indicted 40 current or former Rwandan military officers
  • Men were indicted for several counts of genocide and human rights abuses
  • More than 4 million Rwandans died or disappeared during the 1990s
  • The majority of the victims were Hutu Rwandan refugees or Congolese civilians

I think the message speaks for itself. There is more to this story than most people realize. It’s only a matter of time though.

3 Responses

  1. Long have I awaited the dream and the need to mobilise the world that PAul KAgame may need to answer for his crimes. Am interested in this information as I read on the great lakes and do realise reconcilliation will only be possible if RWanda and the allies realies hut’s have been killed but ca’nt accfuse the tutsi’s of genocide!

  2. Welcome Victoria. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I blog about this topic, so if you take some time to read the rest of the entries by going through the archives on the lower left side, you will see more information on Kagame. He will indeed answer for his crimes, and the world will see justice as it is meant to be served.

  3. […] Cynthia McKinney celebrated the indictment of these war criminals and this major step towards carrying out […]

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