Yeah, They’re Guilty and Now Everyone Knows It!

Little by little, missing pieces of the puzzle are coming together. The story of what really happened in Rwanda in 1994 and all the years before and after have been distorted by the RPF Rebel propagandists. It is extremely hard to get a clear picture of what, why, and how everything happened because of all the false information that has been fed to the media. These so called “facts” or myths as I like to call them, include denial of RPF’s involvment in any criminal activities that took place before, during and after 1994.

For a while the RPF has managed to suppress any legitimate source of information that challenges their views including the indictment of French Judge Jean Louis Bruguiere for Paul Kagame on the assassination of the former Rwandese and Burundian Presidents in 1994.

More recently, a Spanish Judge indicted and issued 40 arrest warrants for current and former Rwandan military personnel for genocide and war crimes. This is momentous. According to this CNN article:

The judge issued international arrest warrants against the 40, including Gen. James Kabarebe, whom the judge said is believed to be the chief of staff of Rwanda’s military; Gen. Kayumba Nyamwasa, whom the judge said is believed to be Rwanda’s ambassador to India; and Lt. Col. Rugumya Gacinya, whom the judge said is believed to be a military attaches at Rwanda’s embassy in Washington, according to court documents viewed by CNN.

Top officials in government being indicted for crimes against humanity?

The indictments against the 40 are for “crimes of genocide, human rights abuses and terrorism,” during the 1990s in Rwanda, “when more than four million Rwandans were killed or disappeared under an extermination plan for ethnic and/or political reasons,” the court documents said.

Not a good look! The article also mentions that there were Spanish missionaries whose bodies were found in late 1996, while 3 others were shot in early 1997. And all these after the saintly government was in power. Oh this is baaad, bad for them that is. I’m just now waiting for what moronic retort they will present.

Oh yeah, here is something else,

The majority of the victims during the wave of terror, the documents said, were Hutu Rwandan refugees or Congolese civilians, mainly Hutus as well.

What was that? Yeah, turns out Hutus died in the “genocide” and turns out more of them died. RPF are guilty, and it’s becoming public knowledge.

What lies will they come up with next?

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  1. I don’t want to repeat my response to your comment on my blog but basically, I can see how first hand this can seem like good news. It is as a matter of fact. But when you dig deeper, my post’s point was that it is too little, too late. No doubt the RPF is guilty of crime as well, compare it though to one million killed in 100 days. Shouldn’t they be looking for those who commited those cts especially when we know they have seeked refuge in those same european countries.

  2. i think you should read the “rwandese genocide and missing link” on this blog. it explains how the rpf had first hand in the matter of what happened. they invaded the country in 1990, contributed majorly to the killings of 1994 (100 days as they say), and continued to kill well after that. as for other groups who also contributed to the killings, they have been getting persecuted since they set up the international criminal tribunal of rwanda.

    there are people who sought refugee in european countries, as well as other african countries and the americas, but those people aren’t necessarily the contributor to the genocide. many of them are simply refugees who were caught up between the crossfires. and those people are both hutu and tutsi alike.

    also a note of interest, research surfacing shows that there were more hutus killed than tutsi during those 100 days. what’s your take on that?

  3. i also want to add, that it’s not too little too late, because the rpf is killing people as we speak. they systemically target innocent refugees and murder them. in africa, and in europe alike. they have managed to blur the line of who is guilty and who is not in order to absolve themselves of the responsibility they have in it. you’ll be surprised at how they are the biggest perpetrators of violence in rwanda since 1990 than the alleged “interahamwe” or the older rwandese military alone. not saying that these groups didn’t commit acts of genocide, but the rpf has due to propaganda managed to get away all these years. not for long though.

  4. My take on more Hutus being killed during the ’94 Genocide?? That’s almost funny. you’re not serious right! Where have you been getting your facts. sure, there has been some hutus killed by other Hutus for being moderate or having married tutsis. There’s been other Hutus killed once the RPF got into the country, some of them in refugee camps. I worked for UNHCR, and one issue was that Hutu militias were still killing tutsis in the refugee camps. After the RPF took over, those same Hutus tried to pass for tutsis when they sensed they were becoming the underdogs. The tables turned when the RPF got there.
    I’m not entirely sure where you’ve been getting your facts, but something we all know is how inefficient the ITCR has been and how its judges have been fustrated with the non cooperation to get the men they want.

    You should read the “Rwanda Crisis: History on Genocide” by Gerard Prunier. Also, “A People Betrayed: The Role of the West in Rwanda’s Genocide” by Linda Melvern.

  5. see those are the simplistic ideas that are being propagated. there were hutus and tutsis who wanted NOTHING do do with the conflict from either side. not because they were “moderate” or because they married tutsis, but because they just didn’t care.

    the rpf DID not save the country as you some how believe, they instigated the conflict in 1990. the conflict didn’t start in 1994, those are misconceptions. by your first post in your blog, i actually thought you knew that.

    anyway, i would direct you to the “missing links” there you’ll find sources. if you need more, i will be more than happy to oblige.

  6. Just for convo’s sake here are two books and one article:

    A Continent for the Taking – howard french
    Colonialism Dies Hard – robin philpot
    Hotel Rwanda: Hollywood and the Holocaust in Central Africa – Keith Harmon Snow

  7. I think Amayel’s notes is a victim of RPF propaganda. A study conducted by University Of MaryLand in United States concluded that the majority victms of Rwanda genocide were Hutu. Paul Rusesabagina has made a compendium on Tusti (RPA) massacres for decade’s time.

    The worst thing in life is to believe a lie and the greatest thing is to discover the truth. Now the truth is being discovered. Kigali has just launched a book criticizing Paul and disparaging a man with a renowned international reputation. They are muzzling the press and no one dares to critisize them. Don’t tell me that this brutality only started today. I will tell you know, the inhumanity of RPF was a characteristic of their war.

    There are also books that give facts of what I am talking about. Read, Marie Beatrice Umutesi’s; surviving the slaughter; the ordeal of a hutu refugee in Congo. Also read Filip Reyjent: Rwanda from genocide to dictatorship.

  8. ILUSHAM don’t be surprised by how many people have been indoctrinated by the rpf propaganda thanks to mainstream news. the offense happens though when conversation and dialogue is stifled. One of the rpf’s most useful weapons.

  9. Sun Kissed, I have only been in the United Sates for four months and when you mention the limited freedom of expression in Kigali, I completely understand what you are talking about.

    In my country, Rwanda, everyone lives in fear. This includes both the ruling and the subjects. There is great hatred and suspicion. However, the international media portrays Rwanda as a success story with president Bush claiming that Kagame is a good model that other African countries should emulate. This is the most provocation statement form a world leader of his statue. Its mocking the million of Hutu killed under the RPF tenure but it is also irritating to the millions hutu survivors who are silently waiting for justice to take its course.

    I completely fail to understand whether Bush, prior to his visit in Kigali did not know about Kagame’s involvement in the genocide. Could he have not been aware of the Spanish judges indictment or the french or from the million hutu refugees in exile. Does president Bush know that there are 40,000 Hutu refugees in Zambia. Does he know that out of the 2,000,000 refugees who left Rwanda only 600,000 managed to return.

    Yesterday, I was talking to a top lawyer at the REED FLEMING FIRM, I hope that more people in the legal world can be moved to call for justice.

    14 years after the genocide, its clear that the Rwandan government has not succeeded in silencing the Hutu. That is the pain that they have to tolerate. They mainly targeted HUtu intellectuals but as it has been proven, you cannot completely wipe out a race no matter how easy you think it is.

    I will write you an email letter but using different names in order to protect my identity.

  10. oh it’s not just in rwanda that voices are being stifled. it’s all over. africa, europe, americas, it’s terrorism at its best.

    and congrats on starting your blog. you’re being added to my blogroll!

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  13. this is a very interesting blog. keep giving us those info . i believe that the truth never die and one day it will prevail.

    Amayel’s notes: it appears that you do not know the true nature of RPF leaders and followers. i would recomend you read the Human Right watch report 1999. i have a feeling that in that report Mr Dusaidi may have confirmed that genocide did not take 100 days?? from that report this timing is questionable.

    let keep the spirity of truth after all the world will be destroyed by those who says nothing.

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