RPF Propaganda slowly becoming exposed!

With all the investigations going on, and all the independent research surfacing, it turns out, information stating that weapons were stored in the Capital of Kigali waiting to be used against the Tutsi in exterminating them is false. According to this allAfrica.com Article,

Colonel Luc Marchal, who commanded the UN forces in Kigali sector, stated that the famous Jean Pierre, who had claimed of secret presence of hidden weapons in the Rwandan capital, was in liaison with the representatives of the RPF, including the liaison officer between the United Nations and the rebels.


He claimed that UN officers just on their arrival in Rwanda, received a purported letter from officers of the army denouncing a “Machiavelli plan” by then President Juvenal Habyarimana, which was going to lead to massacres and assassinations. “This letter proved to be a forgery”, he told the UN Court.

This information is valuable for those fighting to dispel the myths that have been spread around in regards to what happened in 1994. The plan to exterminate was concocted by the RPF, bottom line. But somehow they have managed to shift the onus on to other people. Not for long suckers!!!

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  1. […] in February, Colonel Luc Marchal, who commanded the UN forces in Kigali sector, told the UN courts that a letter by “Jean Pierre” claiming there was a Machiavelli […]

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